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23 Innovative Storage Solutions for your child’s room

modern kids pink green decoration cabinets

You need creative storage solutions for your kid’s room? Your child has so many things your head starts spinning when you walk into his/her room? You try to watch your step because you might step on something that either moos, screams or plays loud tunes? Well, your child is absolutely normal. It is a commonly known fact that children have more stuff than adults. They like to keep everything they have, they get easily attached to their things and as they grow they don’t get rid of their old toys clothes or books, they just get new ones, so eventually this might become a problem not only for you but also for the child. If you’ve reached that point break when you can’t take it anymore, and you don’t want your child’s toys, clothes, books etc. scattered all over the house, you might find these open storage solutions for children’s room interesting.

Creative storage solutions for kids

space saving green orange modern design

One of the main ideas is to open up space for the room is by effective storage solutions. It should be expansive because children love to play in their room or just spend time there, it should be vast and naturally sun soaked. Most children don’t remember where they put their things, and they are looking for something they are able to create a massive chaos, that’s why if you give them an open storage solution where they can place their things under plain sight they will be overjoyed.

Open space ideas and storage solutions for girl’s and boy’s room

cute baby girl decor storage idea

Here in these photos, you will see great storage solutions for a girl’s or a boy’s room. The baskets are a great and practical idea for little things that don’t have to be arranged on shelves and are not needed every day. That’s usually a good solution for things that have been laying around in the room for years and your child just likes having them but has no idea where to put them. If you want to create a real open space for your kid, take a look at those photos and get inspired. Be prepared for a lot of shelving, because that’s the best way to allow your child to arrange his/her stuff the way they want to.

Stylish green and orange kids decorative storage solutions

green orage creative furnishing for kids room

White rustic minimalist baby girl’s room

white rustic decorative shelves

Beautiful and eclectic playroom idea

electric green yellow futuristic playroom

Wonderful expansive space saving solution for kids rooms

colorful chic space saving storage solutions

Sophisticated neutral color decor for boys room

clean kids room decorative storage solutions

Modern rustic chic bedroom interior solution

natural color bedroom solutions

Creative girl’s room storage idea 

chic creative storage idea kids room

stylish bright open space kids room

bright color space saving interior kids room

eclectic cheerful storage design idea

white orange childs room design

pink purple girls bedroom decor

playroom storage

stylish girls pink bedroom storage design

pink decorative minimalist girls room

lovely girls pink orange decoration

Interesting storage wooden shelves

innovative storage childs room solution

luxury girls room interior

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