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20 great ideas for modern room design for teenage girls

bunk bed furniture ideas teenage room pouf yellow accents

Selecting the right furniture and the right teen girl bedroom ideas is often very difficult: the wide range of products makes choosing a a real challenge. However, if you have an idea of ​​how the teen room will be set up, the design is very easy. To make your choice easier, we have compiled beautiful pictures that can inspire you for the room design for teenage girls.

Create a place to relax – Room design for teenage girls

teenager room furniture wall asymmetric design colorful accents

In general, young people do not need as much space as small children. Their room is a retreat – teenagers spend most of the time in their room, where they think in peace and can devote themselves to pleasant things. In order to feel comfortable, a teenage girl should be allowed to make their own decisions when planning and designing her room – the personal taste of the teenager should take priority, even if it does not meet the expectations of the parents.

A unique room design for teenage girls

room design for teenage girls floor lamp bed cabinet system

The wall decor in the girl’s room with wallpaper, murals or wall stickers provides an exceptional effect in the room without being intrusive. Borders are always an eye-catcher in every teen room. You can use subtle and restrained or dominant and intense colors. The remaining walls can be plain or designed in neutral tones. With a flashy color and pattern beautiful individual accents can be customized with relatively little effort.

Modern interior design for girls

girl room modern furniture wardrobe bed

PCs and laptops are an integral part of the modern teenage girls bedroom ideas and room designs . The workplace should provide a space for a PC or a laptop. The decorations in the teen room should be an individual decision. Finally, the room for teenage girls should be a place to relax.

Teen room design for girls – ideas of Dielle

teen furniture girl room design ideas

 Room design with bold color accents

modern teen room for girl pink sofa desk on roll

Teenage girl’s room – simple and comfortable

teenager room design girl parquet floor modern furniture

 Functional design with orange accents

teenage girls room sibling tiled floor shaggy carpet bunk bed

 Space saving idea for a teen room

storage space options in teen room wall decoration with color furniture

 Delicate colors for a teen girl’s room

room design modern girl teenager simple color bed

 A pull out bed is a good option in a teen room

practical pull out bed teenage room furniture ideas

 Original wall decoration

girl room sofa bed wall decoration with wall stickers workplace

Bunk beds for siblings are quite practical

bunk bed kids room from wood furnishings ideas for siblings

Bright color accents add atmosphere to the room

corner wardrobe desk carpet green shelf system chair girl room

furniture ideas kids room girl colored pink rose black wall

furniture ideas girls room cabinets colorful fronts and white desk

design ideas modern room design for teenage girls furniture ideas

corner bed sofa bed room design for teenage girls modern furniture

bunk bed room design for teenage girls furniture for teens ideas

bed with storage space drawers room design for teenage girls


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