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20 awesome girls room furniture ideas in classic style

furniture ideas girls room teen room playful romantic decor

If you want to change the decor and the girls room furniture get inspired by the cool teen room ideas below. You will find proposals for colorful girls’ rooms , pastel, with designer furniture, wrought iron or lacquered wood, vintage style, romantic or classic, there is something for everyone. The furniture id designed by the Italian company Spar.

Girls room furniture ideas in classic style

color scheme in teen girl room sofa bed white curtains elegant girls room furniture ideas

If you want to recreate a romantic atmosphere for your girl, and even a little bohemian, you need to select girls room furniture that will help you for the idea. Far from the sweet pink decor, the girl’s room can expresses her femininity using the purple color. Other trendy colors are plum, hyacinth, blueberry, orchid, magnolia and fig. In all cases, the fruity floral pallet will give a new vision to the room of young ladies.

Girls room furniture and wall color accents

classic girls room furniture design for teenage girl siblings

The flashy purple is an ideal alternative for the young teen that gives character to the girl’s room without completely erasing the girly side. It goes very well with the tastes of girls for dancing, stars, fashion and beauty. When choosing girls room furniture, do not forget to leave room for a large mirror and stars and glitter.

colors in girls room pink purple walls wooden cabinet bed

When light purple becomes too childish, the darker purple gives more character to the girl’s room and can be balanced with white. This combination gives freshness to the girl’s room, which can be boosted with designer furniture.

Details in bright colors add energy to the room

Italian furniture for girls room cabinet shelves bed classic design

Do not overdo the room, choose some colorful details like the headboard, bedside table or storage shelf. With fancy  bed linen and decoration accents, you will create a world that is both energetic and calm for your teen girl.

Combine colors

girls teen room spacious design girls room furniture ideas bunk beds

Red and orange are also a good choice

girls room furniture with ladder orange red wall color ideas for girls

 Pale pink combines perfectly with the purple trend

pink girls room colors classic style quality furniture

 The mirror is a very important piece of furniture in the room of a teenage girl

girls room furniture ideas cabinet system romantic curtains fabulous furniture

Choose wrought iron furniture for a vintage flair

eclectic teen girls room furniture corner wardrobe crystal chandelier

Technology does not interfere with the romantic spirit of this room

girl room furniture design wooden cabinet system desk mirror door

wooden furniture girls room kids bedroom furniture ideas

wooden furniture for girls room cabinet dresser bed headboard

teenage girl room wall decoration red iron bed frame

shabby chic girl room classic furniture design textile floral pattern

romantic bedroom design for siblings desk chair design purple

girl bedroom furniture romantic atmosphere wardrobe dressing table

furniture design ideas girl room classic furniture from wood

bunk bed with ladder wood furniture girls bedroom for siblings

bunk bed for kids room romantic flair curtains desk wardrobe carpet


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