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Girl’s Bedroom design Ideas – for a Very Special Person

 Luxury Girl's Bedroom design idea

Designing a girl’s bedroom is a task which will undoubtedly be highly enjoyable with the finished room giving a great deal of pleasure.  The key to coming up with a successful girl’s bedroom design ides is to be guided by your daughter’s preferences and needs.  It is very easy to take over and produce a girl’s bedroom design idea based on preconceptions.  Many people automatically view pink as the perfect colour scheme for a little girl, and very often this may be true, lots of little girls love pink at some stage in their lives.  However, use pink with caution.  Girls often grow out of their ‘pink phase’, also many girls actually aren’t interested in pink and fluffy interiors at all.

Modern and fresh Girl's Bedroom design idea

So, avoid preconceived notions and think.  Are you designing for a little princess, a tomboy, a budding artist or maybe a someone crazy about horses?.  Girl’s interests and personalities are all so different.  Of course you already know what your child’s interests are.  However, it is always good to ask her what her favorite colours are, what hobbies she is currently involved in and what she is likely to want to use her bedroom space for.  This knowledge provides the perfect basis for a charming girl’s bedroom design idea.  The fabulous girl’s bedroom ideas featured in this article will help you along your way to producing a room fit for a very special person.  Created by top designers these delightful rooms will inspire and help you to structure your ideas, maybe including design ideas that you had never even thought of.


Modern and fresh Girl's Bedroom furniture idea

Girls are often capricious creatures, changing there ideas and preferences on a whim, so your design should allow for a degree of flexibility.  Maybe, select a design scheme where different colours and patterns can be introduced to the girl’s bedroom idea by simply changing soft furnishings and accessories.

Modern and fresh Girl's Bedroom furniture idea

Allow plenty of space on walls for your daughter (or whoever you are designing for) to display art works or images of people or things that interest them.  Ample storage is necessary to store all your daughter’s possessions if you don’t want to be tripping over them every time you walk into the room.  Shelving and bookcases are essential so that all her favorite books, CDs and DVDs can be displayed attractively, adding a further personal touch to your girl’s bedroom design idea.


Time and thought invested into the planning stage will ensure that your little girl receives the perfect gift of her ideal bedroom.


by Jaz

Modern and fresh Girl's Bedroom furniture idea

Girl's Bedroom interior design idea

Modern and fresh Girl's Bedroom furniture idea

Classic design Girl's Bedroom design idea

Pink Girl's Bedroom design idea

Pink Girl's Bedroom design idea

Modern Girl's Bedroom furniture idea


Girl's Bedroom furniture idea

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