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Trendy bunk beds with slide – decorating ideas for the kids room

Mid height bed with slide childrens furniture

Every child wishes for an adventure bed or a game bed. It is used not only for sleeping but also gives a joy in playing in the nursery. The bunk beds with slide or tower enjoy a great popularity. The great models make children’s dreams come true!

Bunk beds with slide – a practical solution

Bunk beds with slide boys room furniture

kids beds are very diverse. This piece of furniture offers a wide variety of models. However, each child has personal demands on his bed. Bunk beds with slide are built at different heights, so that it grows with the child. Bunk beds are very practical , they also offer plenty of storage space for toys under the bed.

Bunk beds with slide which grow with the child

Bunk bed with slide girls room ideas

Bunk beds with slide, placed diagonally, occupy too much floor space. However, they are suitable for larger children’s rooms. There are lower or higher mounting heights of the bunk bed and a shorter or longer slide. The slide can be attached to the short or long side of the bed. The slide height can be adjusted accordingly. An option is to have a bed tower attached to the bed. The tower may also secure the sliding opening in the night.

Awesome kids bunk beds

Kids bunk beds with slide girls room furniture

The stability and safety are of highest importance. For security reasons, bunk beds are equipped with fall protection. If safety when sleeping in a loft bed with a slide can be increased, you can mount protective boards or bars.

Beautiful cot

Cots with slide pink purple girls room

The curtains are a decorative accessory for the nursery. Cushions make the space under the bed even cozier. A screen made of fabric and with a zipper closure provides the necessary privacy for the little ones and is removable and washable. With a few accessories – awnings, curtains – the bunk bed is a pirate bed, princess bed, knight bed. A bunk bed can transform from baby cot into a child’s bed and a teen bed. The game accessories of the bed can be removed and the bed becomes simple enough for demanding teenagers.

Bunk bed with play area

Solid wood bunk beds with slide kids furniture design

Bunk bed with ornate headboard

bunk bed for kids wood carved ornaments slide

Bunk bed for the teen room

Teen room bunk bed pink slide wall stickers

Bunk bed with tower and slide for dreamy little princes or princesses

Kids bunk bed with tower and slide purple white

Wooden beds with a timeless look

Play bed with slide decorating ideas nursery

Kids bed with slide

Low level game bed red slide

Wooden tower bed design

wooden bunk beds with slide wall painting

 Bunk bed in white

bunk beds with slide ideas kids room furnishing

 Timeless design for children’s rooms

Red white painted bunk bed with slide nursery room ideas

 A bunk bed offers both a playground and comfort

Bunk beds with slide lacquered wood

 Cozy wooden bunk bed

Nursery room bed with slide curtains


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