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15 Practical interior design ideas for kids room storage systems

Nursery room colorful storage baskets

We give you 15 practical ideas on how to organize the kids room storage systems. You can easily clean up the toys and clothes and have more free space in the room.

Kids room storage ideas – colorful baskets

girls room green purple color palette cabinet system

A very simple but effective idea for a kids room storage system is to set up an open shelf system on the wall and add baskets on each shelf. You can get the baskets in the same colors as the interior color and then add labels – toys, clothes, paper, books, etc. This idea is suitable for both boys and girls. Optionally, you can buy transparent baskets, so you can see what is inside – and then arrange them in the closet. An important thing is that there is a specific place for everything – and the child knows it.

Kids room storage ideas – combining desk and open shelves

colorful shelves toddlers room

If you want to save space, you can install open shelving above the desk and then use that for school supplies. The children can also have quick access to the stuff for painting and writing. Kids room storage systems are of particular importance to young people – for teenagers it is better to have a wardrobe. A good division in the closet is completely sufficient in this case. The wardrobe should be near the bed and equipped with a mirror. Beware the fact that it should not be too high, and everything should be easily accessible. We offer some ideas for inspiration and wish you lots of fun in arranging the nursery!

Green color scheme and storage with baskets

girl room sweet wall decoration storage space

Pink wardrobe for little girls

Girls room decoration sweet pink wardrobe

Baskets and open shelves

kids room storage ideas boys room

Wardrobe system – good storage system

kids room storage ideas classic girl room open shelf system

Storage space in a small kids room

kids roos storage ideas sloping roof wardrobe system

Transparent toy boxes in the closet

kids room storage ideas toys organiser

Exceptional closet systems

open wardrobes kids room storage ideas

Storage space in a teenage room

kids room storage ideas boys room interior

Teen room for girls

teenage girl room closet storage ideas

Room for boys

kids room storage ideas open shelves teen boys bedroom

Purple bedroom with wall shelves

sweet purple room girl furniture kids room storage ideas


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