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Kids room design – inspiring ideas for the little ones

kids room design ideas green gray Frog stylish furniture

Kids room design is a great fun for children and parents. From fresh minimalist, interesting themed designs, to unusual gaudy color accents – the possibilities are endless. You can let your imagination run wild and fulfill the child’s dreams.

Kids room design and decoration

kids room green orange modern furniture design

Before you start, you should consider what the child has for preference. A kids room design reflects, to a large extent, the character of the child. For girls, there must, of course, be pink and blue for the boys. But the design should make sure that the children still had enough place to play, dance, hop and study.  A world full of beauty and wonders hides between the four walls. Therefore, it is so important that the children feel warmth, security and peace in their little oasis.

Kids room design – the impact of colors

teenage bedroom kids room design modern furniture

Kids room design should create a harmonious unity of colors, designs , furniture and of course decorations. The children should not feel like in a bedroom, it should still look like a room. The golden balance must be found. Depending on the child, you can personalize the room. First, you should decide on the colors. As we know, the colors have an effect on people, especially on children. The different colors also have different effects that can be harmonized in the right color combination. Pink linens that belong to every girl’s room, soothe the atmosphere and have a calming effect. Instead of pink, purple or violet basic colors, use them to put an accent. Green brings peace and quiet , safety and security. Blue is cool and clean in contrast to orange, which exudes warmth and coziness. With yellow and red one must be careful. Yellow is invigorating, but also too bright, red is dynamic and promotes work and exercise, so it must not dominate. It would be best if these two colors are added only as accents .

Kids room design – create an oasis for your child

kids room design ideas Spiderman interior

A warm color scheme makes the room look cozier, while a cold – smaller and cooler. It would be good if there is no strong colors to dominate, but combined with softer colors, even if the room sometimes seems too colorful. When designing a kids room think of the basic furniture – desk, bed and wardrobe and take advantage of the area. A bunk bed helps to save room for the toys. If everything has a firm place in the kids room, then cleaning up is not that hard.

Trends in kids room furniture

Girls room design curtains chair stool

Many colors in the interior design is not always  a bad style. On the contrary, fresh colorful furnishings and decorations create a mysterious atmosphere that corresponds to the latest trends in interior designs. When you furnish a kids room you could select a specific theme as a concept – for example, favorite movie, sports, singers, etc.

Boy’s room – football field

kids room design Boys Room green football theme

Sponge Bob – themed interior for kids room

Sponge Bob Kids room design ideas

Bunk bed with a slide for boy’s room

Kids room bunk beds bed slide blue

Gentle white-green color scheme

kids room green and white space saving furniture

Spacious kids room in orange and green

Modern kids room design ideas desk decoration


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