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How to choose baby cribs for the nursery room – tips and ideas

how to choose baby cribs tips ideas advice

If you have received the good news that a baby is on the way you may be wondering how to choose baby cribs for the nursery room? We have collected some ideas, tips and advice to help you find the best baby crib for your little one.

How to choose baby cribs – what is important to know

cute baby crib nursery room design ideas green orange

Choosing a baby crib is a pleasant, exciting and a very responsible task as during the first months of his life the baby is there almost all day. Therefore the cot should be beautiful, safe and comfortable. How to choose baby cribs?

upholstered baby crib nursery room furniture ideas dresser baby bedding set

First and above all you need to think of safety. It is necessary to pay attention to the material from which the baby crib is made. Usually baby and kids furniture is made of environmentally friendly natural materials like pine, oak, birch and beech. Carefully check the surface – it should not have any cracks. The surface of the baby cot must be smooth and even.

foldable baby cribs design wheels adjustable height

Make sure that you requested the seller to show you documents confirming the safety and quality of the baby crib. If you think this is too much, remember, that this is of greatest significance for the health of your baby!

original baby crib design ideas wooden baby crib

Check how firmly rails, beams and bumpers are fixed as well as the distance between the bars to make sure that the head or legs of the baby do not get stuck between the bars

How to choose baby cribs – tips and practical advice

how to choose baby cribs baby cradle design nursery room ideas

One thing that people often forget about is the convenience of the baby crib. The crib should be convenient not only for the baby, but for the mom as well. It is recommended to choose a crib with adjustable height so that the mom would not have to bend too much.

how to choose baby cribs white crib changing table with drawers

Think of the available space and where you will place the baby crib. It should be close to a cabinet / dresser and the changing table. If the baby cot will be in the bedroom of the parents, and then moved to the baby’s room, you can choose a model with wheels which can be quickly and easily moved and is extremely practical in the first two years of life. Hopefully we have been of help and now you have a better idea how to choose baby cribs.

 Baby bedding is also important

nursery room ideas white wood baby crib sailor theme bedding

 A lovely nursery room furniture in white

how to choose baby cribs tips ideas white nursery room furniture

 Place the crib near the changing table

how to choose baby cribs important tips crib with wheels changing table

 Think about the safety and the comfort of the baby

fabulous baby crib stylish baby room furniture rocking chair

 Get a crib with adjustable height

comfortable baby crib changing table with drawers white furniture

Cribs on wheels are easier to move

Baby crib light wood translucent side changing table nursery room furniture

baby room furniture design white lavender colors teddy bear pattern

Baby crib with wheels white baby room furniture baby bedding

Baby crib solid wood modern baby room furniture bear motif

Baby crib ideas baby cradle white canopy silver accents

baby crib design ideas canopy baby cots nursery room ideas

classic baby crib adjustable height nursery room furniture ideas

adorable baby crib with canopy nursery room decorating ideas orchids


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