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Perfectly Formed Small Nursery Design Ideas for Tiny Spaces

Small Nursery Design Ideas - classic design 


Small Nursery Design Ideas - modern design

Are you awaiting that very special new arrival?  Is your excitement a little tempered by worries about how you are going to fit your ‘little bundle’ into a very small room space.  Well never fear help is here!  Small nursery design ideas are the focus of this article and this collection of ideas will help you design the perfect environment for your precious baby.


Bright and Cheerful Small Nursery Ideas

 Cheerful Small Nursery Ideas

In a small nursery space your first aim must be to keep the room as light, bright and practical as possible.  Use light or white as the main decorative scheme and introduce bold vibrant colors through posters and other art work applied directly to the wall.  This will take up no space and create the perfect cheery environment for your baby’s first experience of the world.   Natural light is the greatest natural resource in this room, but by night use a range of lights to illuminate the space, from low power nightlights to practical directional lighting to assist with nursing and changing activities.  Light will always make your small nursery design idea feel more spacious.


Furniture and Storage Suggestions for the Small Nursery Design Idea

 Suggestions for the Small Nursery Design Idea

It doesn’t matter how light or vibrant the color scheme is in your small nursery, the room will not work for you if you don’t select practical furniture and organize your storage spaces.  The crib will of course be central in your small nursery, select a style that is unfussy and will fit snuggly against a wall.  Very ornate examples will appear to take up too much room.

Small Nursery Design Ideas - little girl

You will also need to maximize the storage in your small nursery design idea.  Look for a cot that has space underneath for storage.  Try and find modern styled chests and drawers that create a streamlined appearance in the room and that may be grouped together to save on floor space.  Taller units are more useful in this respect than low level wider items.  If you have a built in cupboard in your room, use a curtain to conceal this rather than a door, this enables easier access.   Extra storage can also be created using baskets, stackable boxes and hanging bags and nets which utilize otherwise dead space when hung from the ceiling.

Small Nursery Design Ideas

small nursery furniture idea

A comfortable nursing chair is high on the list of priorities in the nursery, look at this range of super examples for ideas to fit with your decorative scheme.


Designing your baby’s first room can be a highly pleasurable experience. With these ideas to inspire you it should be a little less stressful making your small nursery design idea work in even the most diminutive of spaces!


by Jaz

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Small Nursery Design Ideas - classic design

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