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Housewarming gifts – cute and clever ideas for you

Practical housewarming gift house keyholder

Housewarming gifts could be a tricky issue. We choose or receive them on the happy event of settling into a new home. Choosing such gifts should take into account the size of the dwelling, its design style, the habits and age of the homeowners. If the new home is a small, apartment, it is unlikely the owners will be delighted to receive bulky objects and sculptures. It will be difficult to fit a painting with an avant-garde scene or a hi-tech lamp in a classic interior.

 Housewarming gifts ideas

DIY housewarming gift ideas wine bottles

Very few people will be very glad to receive a dust collector and buying one is not a very good idea for housewarming gifts. It is advisable that you buy things like curtains, carpets and bedspreads only by prior arrangement. First, it is very difficult to get the right color, and second, it is very likely the homeowners would like to choose these by themselves. Money is a win-win option if you think that people would not be pleased with your gift. The money can be put into a piggy bank, shaped like a house or make a symbolic house of cardboard.

 Housewarming gifts ideas – gifts for the kitchen

housewarming gift ideas personalized cutting board

If the new home is an empty apartment it will be very appropriate to get tea and coffee sets, sets of cutlery and knives, beautiful wine glasses or pots and pans sets. If the owners are starting life in a new home from scratch, they shall be happy to receive any appliances – meat grinders, juicers, blenders, coffee makers and microwaves. If it is possible to combine finances with other guests, you can look at a dishwasher or a refrigerator. It is possible to buy a comfortable chair, a beautiful ceiling chandelier, original wall lamp, stylish coffee or bedside table as housewarming gifts to friends or relatives, whose tastes and needs are well known.


housewarming gifts ideas basket flower pot

DUY wine and glass holder set

housewarming gifts ideas original wine bottle and glasses holder

 Cocktail ingredients in a decorative lantern

housewarming gifts ideas lantern cocktail ingredients

 Tea bags wreath

DIY housewarming gifts ideas teabags wreath

Bathroom towels as cute cupcakes

cute housewarming gifts ideas bathroom towels

Colorful candles

DIY Housewarming gift ideas colorful candles

A picture frame

cool housewarming gifts ideas picture frame

Kitchen utensils

housewarming gifts ideas kitchen cookie making

Cool coasters

cool housewarming gifts ideas scrabble coasters

housewarming gifts ideas cupcake ingredients in glass jar

housewarming gifts ideas kitchen utensils

housewarming gift ideas basket bread wine flower

housewarming gifts ideas hot chocolate set

original housewarming gifts ideas wine glasses

housewarming gifts ideas cork holders

personalized housewarming gifts ideas cutting board

creative housewarming gift ideas for the kitchen

cool housewarming gift ideas cushion

cheap housewarming gift ideas DIY glass jar


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