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Balcony wooden tiles – 10 reasons why we should choose them

Balcony wooden flooring ideas tile laying

Balcony wooden tiles are a great alternative to the traditional concrete floor. They are suitable for laying on decks and balconies, and even indoors. Wooden tiles from different types of wood in different sizes are widely available in stores. Suitable woods are pine, locust, oak, cedar or bangkirai. Why do you have to go for wooden tiles on the balcony, you will learn in the next few paragraphs.

Balcony wooden tiles – an enjoyable outdoor space

Balcony wooden tiles laying patterns

The balcony is a cozy place to chill out, grilling and enjoying ourselves. In the balcony design, good and detailed planning is of great importance. If irregularities exist, before you start with the laying of tiles, you should adjust the level of the floor (usually concrete or stone tiles) just so that rain water can flow away. If your balcony is not square, but oval, the balcony wooden tiles can be precisely tailored. Last, it is important to arrange comfortable seating on the balcony. The range of balcony and patio furniture is HUGE. What are the right products for your balcony – your taste is crucial.

Advantages of balcony wood tiles:

Balcony wooden tiles flooring metal table bar stool

– Wooden tiles are available in various sizes and laying patterns.

– Balcony wooden tiles with click system can be easily plugged together and moved easily without tools.

– The wooden tiles can be laid on any flat, firm surface.

– No additional substructure is necessary. The special grid system under the wood ensures sufficient distance from the floor – this mould is prevented and there is no waterlogging risk.

– Wooden tiles with push-fit system and click system can be easily dismantled.


Wooden tiles guarantee the best outdoor durability

Wooden tiles for balcony ideas covering

– Depending on the type of wood and durability class, balcony wooden tiles are a good option with respect to different weather conditions such as sun or rain resistant.

– For cleaning, you do not need expensive detergent. For further care pigmented wood oil is recommended.

– Balcony tiles made ​​of wood exude warmth and comfort.

– Create the right ambiance to relax in the outdoor area.

Sunny balcony with wooden tiles

Balcony flooring ideas wooden tiles

Parallel motif of wooden tiles

Balcony tiles wooden floor trim ideas

Flooring – Cube pattern

Balcony wooden tiles click system

Balcony tiles made ​​of wood in black

Balcony wooden tiles laying black

Wooden tiles for the balcony

Mediterranean balcony design wooden tiles

Alternative to traditional concrete floors

Balcony floor panels wood tile laying pattern

Beautiful tiles pattern

Wooden tiles design balcony design tips

Wooden tiles with push-fit system

wooden tiles on balcony design tips

 Wooden tiles with click system

Floor tiles balcony wood click system

 Wooden floor tiles

Balcony floor tiles from wood

 Wooden floor in light gray

Deck tiles wood click system

 Tiles for balcony and deck

deck flooring wooden tiles lounge chair

Flooring ideas for patios

Balcony floor deck design ideas tiles wood

Deck tiles and balcony tiles made ​​of wood

Floor tiles wooden deck


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