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How to create an indoor garden and which plants are suitable for it?

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An indoor garden is a special place for relax and retreat. It can be arranged even in the smallest apartment and you will enjoy the freshness of Nature at home. For a small indoor garden, low plants which grow slowly are really suitable as they do not require a lot of space. Larger plants must be replanted and will require more space for a healthy growth. When choosing the plants for your indoor garden, you need to make sure that they need the same environment and conditions in terms of water, light and temperature.

 What you need to know when planning an indoor garden

Living room decoration ideas indoor garden trees shrubs

The first thing you need to consider when planning an indoor garden is the space. Whether a big or a small garden, the size of the space will define the types of plants for your garden. Light is another important factor for indoor gardens. You need to make sure that the plants get sufficient light otherwise they will not be able to grow as you expect them. The light source should be near the plants but without burning their leaves. Temperature and humidity are also to be considered and require a special attention if you want a healthy garden indoors. If the temperature is too high there is a big chance that the plants would be growing weak. Too cold environment might cause yellowish leaves, which fall off.

 Indoor garden – a piece of nature at your home

Indoor garden contemporary home ideas

The design of an indoor garden may be a challenge when it comes to choosing the right plants. You need to make sure that you have suitable planters and pots for your plants. If you wanted a more dynamic composition, try to choose plants that differ in size, appearance and leaf shape. Avoid plants that grow too much as you may be experiencing space problems. In most compositions, the central plants create the overall impression. If you want to use any colorful flowers to make a few color pops they will be a good accent to the green base.


Philodendron fern houseplants indoor gardening ideas

 Indoor gardening adds a fresh accent into the decor

amazing indoor garden design ideas how to choose plants

A modern open plan space with green plants

modern apartment open space design wood floor indoor garden

 A vertical garden is the ideas decor in the office

indoor vertical garden contemporary office design ideas

 Spectacular living room decor

indoor garden spectacular living room interior design

 Vertical garden – bedroom decoration ideas

indoor garden modern design bedroom decor ideas

 Fresh green plants in the interior

indoor garden design ideas how to start indoor garden

A garden in the bathroom

bathroom garden ideas plants contemporary home interior design


indoor gardening ideas staircase wood glass banisters


Indoor garden design modern home decorating ideas


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