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How to build a low-maintenance garden pond in 7 steps

DIY garden pond in 7 steps before and after

Learn how you can easily build a low maintenance garden pond by yourself only in a few steps. If you have a bit of space in the garden, set up a small pond with a mini waterfall and enjoy the soothing sound of flowing water.

DIY Low maintenance garden pond – necessary materials

DIY garden pond in 7 steps needed building materials

For building a garden pond by yourself, you will need the following materials: pond foil, pad, water pump, shaft tube, sand, gravel, pebbles, foam for the pond, band clamp and T-junction.

DIY Garden pond – Step 1: Search for a professional advice

how to build a garden pond in 7 steps stones decoration

If you want to build a garden pond by yourself, preparation is very important. Consider where you want to build the pond, how big and how deep it will be, and other important details. It would be best if you first search for a professional advice and analyze the initial situation very carefully before proceeding with the construction.

Step 2: Create a base

DIY koi pond building instructions

The foundation is of great significance when building a pond in the garden. It is important that you choose the right pond liner for your as a base. Check very carefully whether the film is leaking. The leak is the most common defect in ponds.

Step 3: A protective foil

DIY garden pond 7 steps water lilies Koi fish

The pond foil should be well protected from sharp stones and other objects. If you attach the foil to the brim with heavy boulders, make a backing of cloth, which will protect the foil from the stones.

Step 4: Position the water pump properly

DIY garden pond design ideas bridge

When you build a pond by yourself, and have opted for a water pump, it should not be installed on the ground. Arrange some stones or bricks and then put the pump. If you have planned to add a small waterfall, set the pump in such a way so it can be removed later if needed. Leave a bit of space between the stones at the edge to hide the shaft tube in between.

Step 5: Arrange a protective barrier

garden pond in 7 steps wooden deck

It is especially important when you build a pond that you set up a protective barrier around it. The rain water that can flow in the pond could cause a lot of damage. As a possible solution, you build a levee around the pond, so that you can keep the rain water away from the pond.

Step 6: Easy drainage of water from the pond

DIY garden pond 7 steps small waterfall water drainage

In order to easily empty the pond, you should install a T-shaped connection in the wave tube. In this way, you can easily drain the water to clean the pond.

Step 7: Use stable hose and pipe materials

how to build a garden pond in 7 steps wooden bench

To be sure that you can easily fill the pond with water and then easily empty the pond, the discharge tube is particularly important. Buy quality materials and invest now in order to avoid additional costs for repairs later. A wave tube is always a good choice because it is more flexible.

Garden pond next to the wooden deck

garden pond DIY wooden deck koi fish

Built a pond in the wooden veranda

garden pond ideas wooden deck two levels

Garden pond with triangular shape

DIY garden pond in 7 steps triangular form

 Pond with stone border

DIY garden pond ideas river stones

Garden pond with water lilies

garden pond design water lilies natural stones

 The pond as decoration in the garden

garden pond build yourself natural stones



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