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DIY Garden furniture – 20 creative designs for the patio area

ideas for garden furniture DIY designs

Check out these creative ideas for DIY garden furniture and get inspired for unique decorating ideas for your patio area. The best materials for outdoor furniture are wooden pallets and planks of used wood. From this you can assemble sofas, coffee tables, garden stools with wheels and even lounge chairs. You can also take old furniture from the interior of the house and use it in the garden.

DIY Garden furniture – Assemble rocking designs from wood

DIY garden furniture ideas vintage swing

Use old materials for DIY garden furniture designs. The swing design is quite attractive for the porch and garden area. You can quite easily put together a rocking bed from a bench  and mount it on the porch. A rocking bed of old wooden boards is also a suitable piece of furniture for the garden area. From an old chair you can easily make a swing and fix them on a tree.

Swing bed designs from wooden boards

DIY garden furniture ideas swing bed

DIY garden furniture wooden pallets bed

 Hanging chair made of colorful fabrics

DIY garden furniture design colorful cocoon chair

A swing from an old chair

DIY garden furniture swing chair yellow

DIY hammock for the garden

garden ideas DIY furniture hammock bed linen

Table from old wood

wooden table design DIY garden furniture ideas

Integrate nature into your patio area by assembling a table with a built-in garden. The table can be put together from old wooden boards and leave in the middle of space for a small garden. In this way, the table design will look quite exotic and unconventional. For creative DIY garden furniture you can also use wooden pallets. A coffee table made of pallets is always the ideal addition to the porch.

 Wooden table with built-in garden

DIY furniture garden table with built in flower bed

Coffee table made ​​of wooden pallets

ideas for garden furniture DIY coffee table

Sofa designs and DIY ideas

DIY Wooden pallets garden furniture ideas

Garden sofa from plastic boxes

DIY garden sofa plastic crates

Sofa in the garden, made of concrete blocks

DIY garden furniture ideas sofa concrete blocks

 Elegant sofa with blue cushions

garden sofa DIY furniture ideas

 Creative garden bench idea

DIY garden furniture ski board bench

Comfortable lounge furniture for the pool area from wooden pallets

ideas for garden furniture recliner wooden pallets

ideas for garden furniture DIY bed couch wooden pallet

Garden furniture set made of wooden material

romantic atmosphere garden furniture ideas

 Bench with red cushions

easy DIY garden furniture padded corner bench

DIY Dining furniture in the garden 

ideas for garden furniture dining furniture from wood


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