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Bangkirai wood deck – 20 great design ideas for the garden

Asian style ideas for bangkirai wood deck

Check out these beautiful ideas for bangkirai wood deck and get inspired for the design of the private patio area in the garden. Set up a beautiful wooden deck with the best wood material for this goal. The bangkirai wood is one of the best options for flooring in the garden. This wood is a natural material, non toxic and is visually a better option than the tiles. It is durable for years without painting and will not be damaged at high temperature differences.

Bangkirai wood deck in the garden

front yard ideas for bangkirai wood deck

 Red bangkirai wood in round shape

round bangkirai wood deck design ideas

Wooden deck around the tree trunks

bangkirai wood deck trees

Level deck structure in the inner courtyard

level deck structure ideas for deck of bangkirai wood

Wide wooden porch deck from light wood

large porch ideas bangkirai wood deck design

Wide levels made ​​of red bangkirai wood

patio design ideas bangkirai wood deck

Spacious deck with wooden railings

wide wooden patio deck ideas bangkirai wood

Wooden deck with a simple design

wooden deck simple ideas for deck of bangkirai wood

Dining area on the deck

large wooden deck design ideas dining furniture

Steps from bangkirai wood

veranda stairs ideas bangkirai wood deck

Small patio with wooden flooring

small patio ideas bangkirai wood deck

Bangkirai on the balcony

balcony dining area ideas for deck of bangkirai wood

Whether you want to create a patio area right in the garden or on the balcony, the bangkirai wood deck is a wonderful option. If you have a large garden courtyard, you can arrange a wide wooden veranda from bangkirai wood. The wooden tiles are very easy to use. You can also choose different shades of color – red, yellow or gray, because you have the choice. When the garden is on a slope, a step-like structure is the most suitable. For the small courtyard a wooden deck is also the best option. Then you can set a comfortable lounge area.

Bangkirai wood deck next to the pool in the garden

pool deck from bangkirai wood

 Modern deck design

modern design ideas pool deck from bangkirai wood

Outdoor pool design

pool deck design ideas bangkirai wood

Bangkirai deck – light wood next to the pool

wooden deck pool ideas bangkirai wood

Relax next to the swimming pool

wooden pool deck ideas bangkirai wood

 Infinity pool and bangkirai wood deck

infinity pool ideas bangkirai wood deck

 Open spa area

spa area ideas bangkirai wood deck

If you have a pool in the garden, you can build the perfect wooden deck next to it. A bangkirai wood deck next to the swimming pool looks elegant and inviting. The wood is not too hot under the sun rays like the sand and remains quite warm in the evening, compared with the stone tiles. On the deck you can take a sunbath, put deck chairs on it and arrange a comfortable seating area. Spend the sunny summer days by the pool on a comfortable bangkirai deck.


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