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Kids playground in the backyard -20 ideas for equipment and decoration

Playground equipment swing old car tyres

Sunny summer days are the best time to allow children to play outdoors. Do you want to make a great surprise for your offspring? If you have the space in the courtyard and some craft skills, it is worth to build an attractive kids playground! Check out the following ideas for toys and decorations, and create a personalized children’s paradise!

Kids playground design

Playground equipment outdoor chalkboard kitchen

Crawling, jumping, swings, slides, climbing on trees – the daily program of the children is full of interesting activities. Playgrounds are usually built to give the kids a place of undisturbed and secure playing. The little ones can entertain themselves with joy. The kids playground is also a meeting place for parents.

 Ideas for attractive kids playground

kids playground garden climbing wall

The kids playground in your own yard has a special charm. Many toys will give both the children and the parents a great joy. You can transform your yard according to your wishes and needs, it’s worth it, even if it takes some time. With an attractive home-built play area, you can improve movement and physical well-being of children. Fresh colors are attractive and with colorful paints the play area will get a really child-friendly appearance.

DIY playground equipment for outdoor use

Outdoor kids playground climbing net

A children’s playground decoration does not require much money or a lot of time and effort. You can create beautiful decorations and play equipment from old household items. Colorful car tires as swings or seating are just one option.

Stepping stone creating garden kids games

When designing and decorating the playground the children can also participate! This creative activity stimulates children’s imagination. This will give you the opportunity you to acquaint your children with different materials.

Children’s trampoline

Trampoline jump kids playground equipment garden

A playground in the backyard can be a multi-functional place. Make sure that the playground is safe so that even the most restless kids do not get injured during the game. A sand pit is, perhaps, the most affordable and simple element of any playground. Playing with sand develops the fine motor skills of fingers and all children enjoy playing with sand. Trampoline develops coordination, and this activity is a lot of fun for every child. While the child is still small, it is not necessary to equip the playground with ultramodern wall bars and slide or all sorts of horizontal bars with a swing. Those are fun for kids after five or six years of age.

 Phosphorescent seating

kids playground decorating ideas seating neon colors

 Playground for children

Garden decoration kids playground

 Children’s playgrounds – school for toys

Childrens outdoor play area school for toys

Children’s playground design ideas

Childrens garden decoration ideas fun kids crafts

Playground decoration

Garden decoration for kids do it yourself

Original use of car tires

Car tires climbing playground equipment for children

Outdoor play area

kids playground decorating ideas color accents

Build a tent for children

garden tent for children kids playground

Sitting area in bright colors

kids playground DIY decoration

DIY garden swing for kids

Playground ideas swing car tire ladybug

Playground in the garden

Children playground equipment DIY swing slide

Playground ideas wooden furniture for children

Outdoor playground for children furniture ideas

Games for outdoor kids space

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