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15 Cool designs for a wooden garden bench – classic and trendy ideas

Bamboo bench design louge outdoor furniture

The wooden garden bench is a popular item of the garden furniture and a timeless classic in the garden. In addition to benches in a classic style and country-style, some very modern models are offered. Solid or elegant, a garden bench is always very appealing.

Wooden garden bench with a rustic look

Rustic garden furniture bench swing

Wood is a popular material for outdoor furniture that is distinguished by a timeless beautiful appearance, weather resistance, functionality and ease of maintenance. The characteristic look of a wooden garden bench is always a plus. Suitable types of wood are teak, rattan, tropical wood, eucalyptus, among other ones. Teak, for example, is very weather resistant and can be left outside while furniture, made of other wood, should be stored inside during the rain or snow. Garden accessories such as umbrellas, tablecloths, etc. should be matched to the furniture design.

Wooden garden bench creates a natural ambience

Wooden garden bench carved wood garden design

Modern benches will immediately catch the eye, others impress with their functionality and comfort. A wooden garden bench that follows the typical curved shapes and lines of the plush seating, gives the garden or the patio a feeling of security and warmth.

Bring the charm of wood in the garden

Modern teak garden bench design

Just as the living room, the garden offers different design options. Wooden benches fit well in the country house style, as well as in a garden with a modern look. Combinations of classic and elegant shapes or different materials such as wood and metal are also possible. A wooden garden bench is complemented by colorful cushions or blankets. Combinations of different colors enhance the friendly effect. Particularly impressive is a unique bench-swing, which you can also build by yourself.

Stylish ambience in the garden and on the terrace

Outdoor furniture design wooden garden bench

High quality garden bench with unique design

Unique wooden garden bench outdoor furniture

Classic wooden garden furniture

Classic wooden garden bench seating

A charming feeling in your own garden

Canoe wooden garden bench DIY garden furniture

Bench and storage space – 2 in 1

Wooden garden bench with storage space

Bench with elegant shapes

Tree round wooden garden bench furniture ideas

Create a holiday atmosphere in your garden

Garden bench from wood with table

A natural ambience on the terrace and balcony

Wooden bench chain swing porch swing ideas

Rustic bench from a cartwheel

Wooden garden bench rustic style

Combine garden bench and wooden pergola

Wooden garden bench wooden pergola

 Garden bench – boat design

Boat bench garden furniture design


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