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Garden bench ideas – 14 unusual designs from wood

garden bench design from wood tree trunk

Check out these creative and unusual ideas for a garden bench and get inspired for designing your garden. The outdoor area is particularly important and often underestimated. Actually, the front yard is the first thing that is seen by your guests as they cross the entrance. Therefore, you should decorate the garden area with particular care and with much love for detail.

Select the appropriate garden bench

wooden bench design engraved

The garden bench is an important part of exterior design. Garden furniture can be just as functional as the interior furnishings. Garden furniture should be carefully selected, so that it makes a good first impression. The bench should be definitely practical and also very stylish. This furniture has a practical use, but also can be used as a decorative element.

Garden bench ideas – variety of designs and materials

wooden garden bench design black armrests

There are many seat designs which are made ​​from different materials. If you want to have your garden bench in a classic style, but still attract attention, you may choose a design from wood with unusual shapes, for example, a curved wooden bench. If you like the natural, get a bench in a classic brown. Ultimately, it’s not just about looks but also about comfort. Make sure that your extravagant design also has a practical value.

Simple wooden bench in brown and black

wooden bench design black brown

Exceptional seat design made ​​of branches

wooden garden bench design natural wood shapes

 Classic bench from wood and metal

wooden bench classic style wood

 Simple design from light wood

classic wooden garden bench

A bench made of bent and painted branches

creative bench design original backrest

A bench made of natural wood with classic lines

garden bench ideas light wood

Curved bench with an interesting shape

garden ideas wooden bench curved shape

Elegant bench design with metal armrests

beautiful gardedn bench with decorative armrests

Stylish bench with decorative elements

ornate garden bench design decoration elements

Artistic bench design

artistic garden bench

A classic wooden bench

wooden garden bench classic worn out


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