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Vibrant Garden Dining Room in Santa Fey By Mark Haynes

Vibrant Garden Dining Room in Santa Fey, New Mexico

By Designer Mark Haynes

    outdoor garden dining room

The ever increasing trend for people to spend more time in their gardens, often results in a search for inspiration from all parts of the globe.  This time a gorgeous garden dining room in New Mexico provides the inspiration.


Mexican Town Influences in Sensational Garden Dining Room

Outdoor Dining room in the Garden

If you live in a place that benefits from plenty of warm sunshine this super outdoor room idea could be ideal for your home. This welcoming outdoor dining room was inspired by the vibrancy and warmth of the town of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. The flavor of this atmospheric location has definitely been transported back to this attractive back yard in Santa Fey. The designer, Mark Haynes, recognized that he had to make the most very important exterior space.  Due to the superb warm climate experienced in Santa Fey, his clients have the potential for spending  a lot of time relaxing and entertaining throughout most of the year.  This garden dining room was to become a very significant extension of the main home to allow for a fusion between indoor and outdoor living.


The colors and style selected are derived directly from traditional structures and spaces seen in San Miguel. In addition to the design of the structural elements this lively outdoor space has been made perfect for ‘chilling’ through the introduction of comfortable and contemporary woven furniture and  lively accessories.  This complements the vivid colors and ‘lived in’ textures of the stucco walls. The area has been made even more conducive to relaxation by the filtered sunlight, luscious green plantings and a distinctive natural water feature.  This last eye catching object is a fountain created from a large natural boulder, the water trickles over this providing a gentle and refreshing background noise. . Here’s a closer look at where the couple now enjoys spending as much time as possible, entertaining friends, watching the birds and relaxing.

The Design of the Garden Dining Room

 Dining room - Red wall hanging garden as decoration

The starting point for this project was an area of approx 60 square meters between the main house and an artist’s studio.  The whole are had to be redeveloped from scratch.  Already benefitting from walls to three sides this is a delightfully secluded area.  The stucco wall treatment, softened geometry and bright terracotta walls introduce the basis of the Mexican style ‘makeover’.  The patio floor has been laid with irregular stone for an aged effect and the edges are softly curved to echo the fluid lines used elsewhere.


T o provide the necessary degree of shade a sail shaped canopy has been suspended over the seating area.  The tranquility of this garden dining room has been greatly enhanced by the planting scheme.  Verdant greenery contrasts with the warmth of the stucco walls and creates a refreshing, serene ambience.  Plants have been encouraged to spread over walls and different tiers of planting, around a lawned area, frame the outdoor room perfectly.  In the background the gurgling fountain completes the calming scene.


The view into the main garden is of a delightful and diverse plant collection. There are tall Aspen trees with their soft greenish-yellow leaves and tactile bark, a Blue Spruce adds further texture and a cooler color, with Japanese Maples providing contrasting vibrant hues and delicate foliage.  The garden has been designed to give year round pleasure and very importantly, it also attracts bird life.  The couple who live in this delightful home are keen bird watchers and derive a great deal of pleasure from watching the birds in their garden.

 Garden design by Mark Haynes

In the garden dining room itself, the arrangement of the furniture is more or less the same as you would expect in an indoor room.  In addition to the main dining suite, there is also an ornamental wall mirror with stylish candle sconces mounted either side of this.  Below the mirror, there is a coordinating consol table, complete with a large decorative vase.  There is even a fireplace so the garden dining room can be enjoyed when the whether turns cooler.  So all the comforts of inside have been brought to outside to be enjoyed in the fresh air.  Who could wish for a more ideal spot for relaxing and enjoying a bit of bird watching over a pleasant glass of wine?  Saludos amigos!


By Jaz

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