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20 garden path design ideas that make the garden look unique

marble blocks creative ideas for garden path design

The garden path design was usually associated only with a functional purpose – to facilitate the path from one point to another. There is also a creative side when it comes to garden paths. Be inspired by these beautiful ideas and make your own very creative and unconventional garden path. Whether with stepping stones in various shapes, a garden path with mosaic pattern or stairs with unusual design, you can make the garden look unique and original. And if you have a pond in the courtyard, there are also some interesting ideas that can be implemented.

 Ideas for garden path design – Stepping stones in various shapes

autumn leaves creative ideas for garden path design

Particularly common among the garden path design ideas are the stepping stones that form a walkway. In order to make the garden path more interesting, choose stepping stones with unusual shape and decorate the sides with flowers. As a basis for the garden path, you can use smaller boulders, gravel, sand or grass. Do not forget the lighting for the evening. The ​​lamps beside the garden path can create a truly magical atmosphere.

Garden path design – Round stepping stones in the backyard

gravel stepping stones creative ideas for garden path design

If you have a larger garden and want to give the patio area a garden path design with an interesting pattern, take a look at these creative ideas. Design the garden path using plants and decorative flowers in all sorts of shapes and patterns. An impressive chess pattern you can easily reach with tiles and decorative grass.

Wooden boards form a garden path

creative ideas for garden path design

Stone slabs in a zigzag pattern

zig zag design creative garden path ideas

Natural stones path

stone slabs creative garden path ideas

Lighting in the garden

modern lighting creative ideas for garden path design

Tiles with interesting shapes

tiles red creative garden path ideas

Garden path made ​​of bricks

brick path creative garden path design

Unconventional garden path

stripes motif garden path

Garden courtyard with chess pattern

chess pattern garden path idea

garden pond concrete stepping stones

wave pattern garden path

water walkway path ideas for garden

stone and plants staircase garden design

green stairs garden path ideas

gravel stairs garden path ideas

concrete garden path garden decoration ideas

garden pond path design ideas

art mosaic garden path ideas


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