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Creative garden design – garden decoration ideas on a budget

DIY Garden decoration ideas flower pots vines wood
The beautiful garden design does not always require a lot of money, but a bit of creativity, like bowling ball garden art, for example. Here are some garden decoration ideas that would help you to beautify your garden without having to clear your bank account empty.

Garden decoration ideas – emphasize the design with bright colors

purple garden bench flower pots DIY home exterior decoration
Play with the colors – paint doors, fences, pots, garden furniture in a rich color. Especially in a small garden, if several elements have the same intense color, that creates continuity and highlight. Even in the dead of winter, the garden has a colorful and interesting look. Other colors that are good and popular garden decoration ideas include red, magenta, blue green, dark purple, deep sunny yellow.

Garden decoration ideas – textiles as a fabulous splash of color

Garden decoration ideas pillows parasol stone table
A little fabric can create wonders. A tablecloth could transform an old picnic table or an attractive dining room. A few cushions can beautify an old bench in a garden. And new seat cushion will refresh your garden furniture. Also, such garden decoration ideas are quite budget-friendly.
Reuse cool vintage items in the garden decoration
vintage garden rustic decor solid wood table chandelier
Nothing adds character to a garden design faster than vintage or collectibles. Birdhouses, vintage garden tools, watering cans, baskets, bird cages, statues, or even old sports equipment. Browse through the antique shops and flea markets. This weathered elements would look good no matter what the weather is.

Crazy flower pots
Garden Decor concrete flowerpots

Pots with plants solve so many problems. They dress up any simple garden design. They bring color and green to the bare soil and beautify porches and terraces. Focus on pots that complement each other – or of similar material with common color scheme. You can also add some nice paint. Add small accents to the pots, such as small sculptures or even something as simple as pretty decorative stones. There are many creative cinder block garden planter box ideas which are also budget friendly.

Armchairs and cushions with decoration grass

Garden decoration ideas armchairs decor moss pillows coffee cups

More ideas:  Old weathered wood looks great in the garden. From this you can build a simple bench or a small table with flowers, as if they had always been in your garden.

Old dresser with flowers in the drawers

garden decoration ideas weathered wood drawers flower

An old dresser with peeling paint, feels surprisingly at home in the garden. Place it against a wall and use it as an exhibition for flowers. The drawers provide excellent storage.

Colorful flower pots on fence

Garden decoration ideas vertical gardens flower pots garden fence

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Garden decoration ideas teapots and flower pots clock

 Landscaped stone stairs
DIY Garden decoration ideas stone stairs planters
Romantic lighting with lanterns
Garden decoration ideas fireplace lantern candles pillows
Wooden boxes as a garden shelf
Garden decoration ideas wooden boxes flower pots shelf ladder
Garden furniture and colors

Garden decoration outdoor furniture stone slabs

Flowers in old suitcase 

garden idea low budget old suitcase flower pot

Floating candles in a metal bucket

DIY Garden decoration ideas floating candles metal bucket
Decoration and garden ideas with wine bottles 

DIY Garden decoration ideas wine bottles hanging planters
Decoration and garden ideas with old furniture 

DIY garden decoration on a budget old dresser drawers flower

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