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40 fabulous ideas for pergola designs which provide sun protection

pergola garden ideas climbing rose romantic bench

Many landscape designers will tell you that the most popular and eye catching element of the garden has always been and still remains the pergola. Many homes have yards and gardens, which remain under the hot sun. Some people may like it that way to get close to the natural relaxing atmosphere, but there’s another great way to beautify your garden and have a rest in style and comfort. Apart from beautiful plants and other garden elements, you can also build a pergola in the garden. A pergola brings romance and aesthetics into the yard space, especially if it is entwined with flowering vines. A great place, especially if you like to relax outdoors. Modern pergolas are no longer just light structures designed for protection from the sun or rain, and have become real works of architectural art. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, under the pergola during the summer days and nights. The pergola can be the place for outdoor entertainment that gathers the family members and friends. These 40 pergola designs  will give you some nice ideas.

 Beautiful pergola designs and some ideas how to build it

modern patio wooden pergola design garden pond

A pergola or arbour is a garden element that provides shade over the walkway, passageway or sitting area. It consists of vertical columns, crossbeams and wooden slats. Mostly, these are also entwined with vines and climbing plants, so it looks more beautiful, especially when these plant species have fabulous flowers like wisteria, clematis and climbing roses. Here are presented a series of wooden pergolas, but they can also be built from metal. Have a look at the various garden pergola designs and cozy outdoor seating areas.

 Pergola designs for every type of outdoor space

garden ideas pergola designs romantic blue flowers

The wooden pergola is a great idea for summer and warm weather when you want to stay outside and enjoy the weather. No matter if you have a large outdoor area or a small garden, the pergola will always be fashionable and can offer you plenty of unforgettable moments. There are a few things you need to consider before building a pergola. Check if you need a permission from the municipality. Then you need to calculate your finances and how much you could afford to spend. Some pergola designs may be very expensive. The place of the pergola in the garden is also quite important as you would want to make the best of your outdoor time.

wooden pergola terrace grill area modern outdoor furniture

 Stone pillars and modern dining furniture

contemporary landscape wooden pergola design stone pillars

Beautiful covered back yard pergola

garden ideas pergola design vaulted construction

 Modern design outdoor space with wooden deck and dining area

wooden pergola design outdoor kitchen grill area dining table

 Rooftop terrace design with contemporary furniture

modern house terrace design pergola sun protection screens

 Contemporary pergola design

modern garden pergola design ideas wood construction lit concrete floor

wooden garden pergola design ideas sun protection slats columns

small garden pergola design ideas sun shades

rooftop terrace contemporary exterior pergola design lounge area

wooden pergola dining area sun protection hedge patio furniture

pergola ideas for garden wood white privacy protection garden fence

small patio ideas wooden pergola design outdoor chairs

pergola design sun protection garden landscaping

pergola design ideas garden fence dining area patio furniture

pergola design garden ideas pond water plants

modern wooden pergola design front yard

modern patio garden pergola design wooden pergola round flowerbeds

modern house patio design outdoor furniture wooden pergola

contemporary house exterior wooden pergola stone flooring

modern house exterior design ideas wooden pergola outdoor swimming pool

modern home garden design wooden pergola outdoor pool dining area

modern home exterior wooden pergola design

modern home exterior retaining walls flowers wooden pergola design

garden design wooden deck gravel path pergola

landscape design wooden pergola ideas

house exterior design ideas garage wooden pergola

pergola design sun protection wrought iron furniture

garden pergola design wood curtains sun protection

garden pergola design curtains corner sofa coffee table

garden ideas rattan outdoor dining furniture wooden pergola

wooden pergola garden sun protection rattan sofa pink pillows

garden design wooden pergola white garden furniture

modern patio design pergola outdoor furniture

contemporary patio design outdoor swimming pool grill area wooden pergola

modern pergola design backard ideas hedge plants

front yard landscape house entrance pergola desing

backyard landscape garden pergola wood sun protection


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