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Privacy garden fence – impressive ideas for the outdoor area

Landscaping ideas swimming pool garden high privacy fence

If you read some specialized literature for the rules of landscaping you will notice that authors refer to the garden as an outdoor area which is connected to the indoors. The explanation is quite simple- more and more landscape architects see the garden as a logical continuation of the interior design. So it is no wonder that the experts advise to arrange the garden in accordance with the interior and the facade. Several elements of garden design create a unified image – the deck design, the choice of plants, the design of the garden furniture and, last but not least, the right privacy garden fence. We offer several effective ways to implement a successful combination between style and functionality which you may find suitable for your garden.

The right privacy garden fence – stylish and functional

English style garden design high stone wall

No matter which option you choose for the garden, for privacy itself-modern minimalist metal fence or playful classic wooden fence, you need to harmonize the appearance with the building  facade and the garden design. Do not forget that a privacy garden fence should be stable and high enough to shield the garden from the eyes of passers- by. Height is especially important – if you opt for a modular wooden fence, there is always a possibility to arrange individual panels with trellis, but the metal fence or stone wall can undergo limited transformation.

Privacy garden fence visually separates your outdoor area from the neighbors

 privacy garden wall mediterranean landscape design lawn blooming flowers

If you wanted to create a functional privacy garden fence you have to consider the right design and further consider the choice of plants as they are important for the overall vision. Hedge plants combined with a low wall are not really suitable for this purpose. Even the fast-growing bamboo, which is lately so trendy, should not be planted directly on the border with the neighbors. The reason is that bamboo spreads very quickly and there is always the risk that the plant will conquer the garden of the neighbors. Look at the options in the gallery and decide which is your preferred option.

Landscaping ideas high metal fence concrete elements minimalist modern

Playground area in the garden

Wooden fence panels patio area playground children

Small garden with vertical green plants wall

Small garden design ideas vertical wall and privacy fence

Tall plants shield the garden from the looks of passers-by

privacy garden fence modern patio design stone retaining wall

 Beautiful LED panels

privacy garden fence modern patio design LED lighting panels

 Arrange separate areas in the garden

patio furniture climbing plants pergola gravel

 Curved retaining wall and corrugated metal privacy fence

Landscaping-design-stone-retaining wall-garden-terraces-lawn-perennial-tree

The garden on a slope can be shielded by a retaining wall and taller shrubs

garden design ideas mediterranean landscape retaining wall perennials

 Corrugated metal fence

corrugated metal privacy garden fence high plants

 Using natural environment as a privacy fence

classic garden design privacy garden fence tall fir trees shrubs


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