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Fantastic Flower Power Chair Planters Ideas


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The idea of turning old battered chairs into fantastic garden planters definitely has a touch of the Surreal about it, or maybe it could be considered a playful homage to the Pop Art movement, which presented the world with fascinating and novel representations of domestic objects.

Whatever the thinking behind the flower power chair planters, you could be sitting pretty with these in your garden, terrace or balcony.


How to Create Pretty but Wacky Planters from Old Chairs

Flower power chair planter 

Chairs are an essential part of life and we take for granted their availability and obvious function, but they do not last for ever.  Once a chair has past its prime, and its legs start to buckle or its seat collapses, it will often be consigned to the scrap heap of life.  However, even when a chair cannot function as a chair, it may still have appeal and can be easily converted into something else.  This gallery shows how a whole range of old retired chairs have been given a new lease of life as fantastic flower power chair planters.


The Transformation to Flower Power Chair Planter

Old chair planter idea


The chairs that are most suited to this dramatic conversion will be of a traditional wooden frame construction made along simple lines.  However, with some imagination and craftsmanship other more complex chair designs can be used.


Colorful Flower Power Chair Planter

Make your dreamed planter

The most simple chair conversion requires you to make a large hole in the seat.  This needs to be large enough for a planter to sit in securely with the rim held firmly in place.  Alternatively, you may choose to remove the whole seat leaving a framework that will house some kind of basket for planting in.

Either way the old chair will be transformed into a sensational mini display area for a single specimen plant or a whole collection of plants and flowers.


Decorating your Flower Power Chair Planter

Old chair turned into lovely planter

Of course making the opening for your plant pot or flower basket may only be the first stage in creating your flower power chair planter.  As shown here there are many exciting and funky ways to jazz up this unusual garden feature.


Decoration Ideas for your Garden

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Many of the featured chairs are antique and have fabulous shapes, some with intricate carving.  These look good left alone in a ‘shabby chic’ condition, however if the chair is going to be exposed to the elements, it will need some kind of varnish or lacquer treatment to protect it against rain and damp.  Other examples of these unusual chair planters are also left in an attractive ‘distressed’ state with peeling or sandpapered paint finishes.  These have an intriguing sense of inbuilt atmosphere and history.


Lovely Flower Power Chair Planter Ideas

Old chair planter ideas

If you prefer things to look newer and fresher, then paint your chair in bright vibrant colors that will compliment your plant collection.  You may feel particularly creative and decide to try out decorating your flower power chair planter with folk art motifs as shown in some of the photographs.  You will find plenty of inspiration for similar folk designs from the internet or your local library.


Garden Ideas

How to make chair planter

After you have finished, your reclaimed chair will have been transformed into a glorious showcase for all kinds of plants and flowers.  One of the illustrations shows the flower power chair as a mini garden for a stunning collection of small succulents.  Other arrangements feature elegant trailing plants, delicate floral blooms and some include stronger colored plants such as the brilliant red geraniums.


Beautiful Flower Power Chair Planter

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Recycling is universally recognized as an important and necessary part of life these days.  This has to be one of the more unusual recycling projects around – but the results are stunning and can be unique.


by Jaz


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