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Make the Most of Outdoor Living with a Fantastic Garden Fireplace


Outdoor fireplace

There is a definite move for more people to make the most of their outdoor spaces for longer periods of the year.  The garden is becoming an extension of the house.  An indicator of the trend to enjoy more ‘al fresco’ living is that building outdoor fire pits and fireplaces is becoming particularly popular. Now it is possible to find fantastic garden fireplaces in a wide variety of styles and forms.

 Fantastic Garden Fireplace Designs

Lovely garden fireplace

There is pretty much something to suit all size and shapes of garden as well as most budgets.  Garden fireplaces may be permanent fixtures or portable for seasonal use.  They come in ready made designs or customers may prefer to select a custom built model. Keen DIY enthusiasts may even choose to build their own outdoor hearth.  Useful tips on selecting the ideal outdoor fireplace are included later in this article.

Fantastic Garden Fireplaces by Palazzetti

Outdoor fireplace by Palazzetti

Palazzetti of Italy, is a leading international designer specializing in the manufacturer of fabulous fireplaces.  They design for both interior and outdoor situations and the images featured here suggest how a fantastic garden fireplace by Palazzetti may transform your garden and the way that you enjoy it.

 Fantastic Garden Fireplace Design Ideas

Lovely garden fireplace design

These fireplaces can literally change your lifestyle. They may be placed in large garden areas or in a smaller yard or patio .as well as being exceptionally good looking, many of these elegant Italian fireplaces may be used as barbeques or outdoor grills.  Apparently you can cook a particularly wide range of foods using the full range of cooking techniques.

Garden Fireplace Ideas

Exterior fireplace design

Fireplaces are obviously installed for their warmth but also create a wonderful intimate ambience.  You may transform your backyard into cozy outdoor living room with the installation of an outdoor hearth.  At social gatherings, people are drawn to fires and find them particularly relaxing, particularly, on chilly evenings.  On a patio or terrace a garden fireplace is likely to become a focal point.  Therefore, it is natural that you may want to organize furniture around this feature to create the idea of an outdoor room.

 Fantastic Garden Fireplace by Bianchi

Garden fireplace by Bianchi

Palazetti produce highly individual designs for outdoor fireplaces, some of them have links to period designs and others appear more modern, even sculptural.  There are geometric contempoary forms and more sinuous organic designs.  Of course if these aren’t to your liking there are numerous other designers competing in the market for outdoor fires and accessories.

Selecting Your Fantastic Garden Fireplace – Shellene Fireplace 

Fireplace designed by Shellene

Choosing the perfect fireplace for your outdoor space may be a bit bewildering at first.  So its good to start your search armed with some basic information to guide your decision.

You need to do some design research before you visit stores and maybe put together a basic ‘wish list’ of what you would like to achieve in your cozy garden corner.  Even compiling a mood board will help you at this stage as you will be able to make some decisions about your preferred style of fireplace and the desired appearance of the area that surrounds it. Do bear in mind that the material your fireplace is built from needs to be resistant to outdoor conditions and at the same time it needs to support very high temperatures. Also choose something that is going to be easy to keep clean, otherwise your fantastic garden fireplace may start to become an eyesore.

Fantastic Outdoor Fireplace Design

Outdoor fireplace ideas

Here are some useful tips based on advice from landscaping professionals and garden fireplace suppliers:

  • Explore the most popular fireplace styles these include: Mediterranean, modern and traditional styles – try and learn the design characteristics of each of these ‘types’.
  • Choose the best place for your garden fireplace, taking in to consideration available space, local building regulations, yours and your neighbor’s privacy and likely wind direction.
  • Check whether there are any local regulations that may affect the location and chimney height of your fireplace.
  • Select the best size fireplace for your needs based on the scale of your yard, your lifestyle, and the degree of heat you want to generate.
  • Think about the type of seating you want to use around your fire, is this portable or will it all be part of a coordinating custom built area.
  • What extras might you want, e.g. a mantel or area for wood storage? There are many options and combinations on the market.
  • Do research the basic differences between a fire pit and a fireplace and consider which is most useful to you.
  • Think about which facing material you want on your fantastic garden fireplace. The most popular options include brick veneer, stone, stucco and decorative concrete.

Contemporary Garden Fireplace Design

Beautiful garden fireplace design idea

  • Maybe consider the design options and costs for custom-built outdoor fireplaces.
  • Find information on fireplace ‘kits’, including cost ranges, types and resources.
  • Also check out the availability and cost ranges for prefabricated outdoor gas fireplaces.  These can be delivered to your home in a complete state and then simply hooked up to the fuel line.
  • The main factors to consider when choosing a base for your outdoor fireplace include your soil type, your ‘freeze and thaw’ conditions and importantly, the weight of the fireplace.
  • Think about the most practical type of fuel to use on your outdoor fireplace.
  • Look at typical chimney and vent requirements for wood-burning outdoor fireplaces.

Finally, outdoor fireplaces must be built in accordance with local rules and regulations.  If you are going to fully relax and enjoy your fantastic garden fireplace do make sure that its built in accordance with the appropriate local legislation.

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