What is hydroponics – a modern gardening method or science fiction?

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What is hydroponics? A question that every beginner at gardening is asking himself. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil in which the plants receive all the necessary substances in the needed quantities and precise proportions with the help of a solution.


What is hydroponics and what is the history behind it?

what is hydroponics how hydroponics work no soil gardening

What is hydroponics? Science or a necessity? Hydroponic techniques have been in use for centuries. The earliest known use of hydroponics are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Aztec people of Mexico used rafts on shallow lakes to grow plants. Today, hydroponics have an important role in agricultural production in the world. Population growth, climate change, lack of water and poor water quality are influencing the trend towards alternative methods of gardening. Although hydroponics is much less common than other methods of cultivation, it is efficient and economical option, and certainly no more difficult than growing plants in soil.


What is hydroponics and what are the benefits of using this method of growing plants

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When we discuss the question what is hydroponics, we have to point out the advantages and benefits of this relatively new method of gardening. One of the biggest advantages of hydroponics gardening is that it is space saving. The roots of the plants are submerged in a bath of oxygenated nutrient solution and do not need space to spread as they do when planted on soil. There is no need to buy new soil for replanting, which makes the process of growing indoor plants much cheaper. Saving water is another advantage since the consumption of water is controlled and there is no need for the plant to be watered every day. With hydroponics no weeding is necessary which saves a lot of time and efforts. Hydroponics has a major advantage that there are less pests and diseases. As the plants always receive the needed substances in sufficient quantities they grow up healthy and strong, and faster than those in soil.



what is hydroponics modern gardening ideas methods

Tomatoes grow very well in hydroponic gardens

 benefits of hydroponic gardening modern vegetable garden

Space saving garden ideas

what is hydroponics modern gardening ideas

No soil gardening

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 Leafy plants thrive in hydroponic gardens

what is hydroponics gardening no soil gardening ideas

Vegetable garden ideas

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Plants like pepper and tomatoes need additional support

vegetable garden ideas hydroponic tomatoes

 Hydroponic gardens allow you to control water consumption

space saving garden ideas hydroponics strawberries

lettuce growing what is hydroponics modern gardening

Hydroponic vegetable gardening modern garden

Hydroponics pros cons what is hydroponics modern gardening

Hydroponic gardening pros cons benefits

hydroponic gardening ideas vegetable garden no soil gardening

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Benefits of hydroponics tomato hydroponics plants

Benefits of hydroponics contemporary gardening ideas




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