Garden lighting design ideas – how to emphasizes individual elements


Garden lighting, including outdoor lighting of buildings, is provided by a system of lighting fixtures. It emphasizes individual elements and creates an unforgettable atmosphere. Undoubtedly the main goal is to get the best effect.

 Modern garden lighting ideas and design plan


Except creating an ambient atmosphere, garden lighting has to emphasize certain elements and secure safety at night. The typical outdoor lighting plan is designed in a few important lines. The first light line outlines the borders of the whole garden. Usually, this line is referred to as contour lighting. Lighting fixtures are with compact design and in most cases they are unnoticeable in day time. The second line has a decorative function – it illuminates the plants – bushes, rocks and trees. A good idea is to use halogen lamps in green shades as they make the plants and trees look alive. For a better visual effect, lighting fixtures should be positioned on a distance from the objects. The third line in the outdoor lighting plan is the one that illuminates the paths. This line can be designed with hidden or visible light fixtures. Low bodies with good optics can scatter light to a large area, without interfering with the eyes. The distance between the bodies depends on their size. Low lights are recommended for small gardens because they keep the coziness of the space.

 Garden lighting and light fixtures design


The high quality garden lighting has high-end optics and maximum effect is achieved with energy saving fixtures. The glass which is used in high quality outdoor lighting fixtures usually has is a diffuser, whose prisms create an even glow. Three types of glass are most popular in the production of outdoor lights – the so-called security type is tempered with maximum impact resistance and optical structure inside. The white opal glass is used in private gardens and has a better optical structure. Crystal glass has an optical structure, which allows a maximum light direction. Outdoor lighting fixtures should be treated with special paints which are resistant to scratching and corrosion. The body itself must be able to protect the lamp against electrical damage.



Outdoor lighting with color accents


Modern lighting fixtures for the outdoors


LED lighting fixtures is very popular for outdoor use


Outdoor lighting provides illumination for the paths at night


The lighting sets accents on the elements of the design


Outdoor lighting adds atmosphere to the garden


Lighting fixtures can be arranged high or low around the paths


Original garden lighting

garden-lighting-natural stone-deck-led-lights-buddha-statue

Solar lamps are eco friendly and energy saving


Garden lighting is a part of the landscape design


Fantastic light accents in the garden


Patio design and outdoor lighting ideas


Ambient atmosphere at the lounge area



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