Wooden fencing – a fabulous decoration for every home

Modern wooden fencing ideas outdoor lighting decorations patio furniture

Do you think that your garden fence is ordinary, boring and it is the time to change it for a new one?

Modern-wooden fencing contemporary patio design ideas garden decoration

If there are products that fit perfectly and harmoniously in the garden or the patio, those are the ones made of wood.

contemporary patio design modern wooden fencing privacy fence screens

A wooden fence is not only to outline the boundaries of your property but also is a great addition to your garden. Wooden fencing adds style and a unique vision to every property.

 Wooden fencing – transform your outdoor area into something more thrilling

wooden fencing ideas modern wooden fence exterior design ideas

Wooden fencing is very versatile and it is suitable for any home. There are fences with interesting ornaments, with grid elements, opaque or semi-transparent, and from different types of wood -Douglas fir, cedar, oak, etc.

modern wooden fencing panels decorative fencing panels ideas

Wooden fencing can be the focal point of your patio, front yard or garden. The amazing wood colors and grains immediately attract the attention.

beautiful wooden fencing ideas small patio design privacy fence ideas

The wooden fence can be your privacy protection, or a decorative accent in the garden or the patio. You could use it as a vertical garden or as a guard for your pets and small children.

beautiful wooden fencing trelis pergola gate

Of course, there are designs that reveal the house architecture and the wooden fence is used as a frame of the house architecture.

Redwood fence garden decoration ideas privacy fence

However, wood is a natural material, very sensitive to weather conditions and needs a regular maintenance. We shall give you some tips how to take care of your wooden fence so that you can enjoy it for many years.

 How to maintain wooden fencing?

wood fencing ideas garden decoration trelis garden design ideas

The main purpose is to protect the beautiful wooden fencing from severe weather.

wooden fencing ideas brick wood fence patio fence

If the fence posts are from concrete or the construction is anchored to the ground with a protective sleeve, then it is effectively protected against rot.

Picket fence garden fence ideas garden decoration

Water can penetrate through cracks, so make sure that your fence is sealed upon installation and remember to apply a new coat of sealant every year.

wood fence contemporary patio ideas outdoor furniture

Wood will have a patina over time. Some people love the light-gray patina, some people do not. In case you want to avoid that you should apply a special impregnation with UV protection.


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Modern fence design wooden fence house exterior

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