Bonsai garden – an incredible charm in miniature scale

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A bonsai garden fascinates people with the charm, delicate beauty and the feeling of peace and aesthetics. The ancient art of growing bonsai trees originated in Japan and China.

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Translated from Japanese, the word “Bon-sai” means “a tree in a bowl” but a bonsai tree is much more than just a tree in a small container. Growing bonsai is a philosophy, a work of art which requires many years of work and patience.

 Bonsai garden – design ideas in Japanese style

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A classic bonsai tree is a miniature copy of a tree on a scale of 1: 100 and a bonsai garden is a garden of symbols. In nature the shapes of bonsai trees are formed by the winds and the sun and masters of bonsai art mimic the nature forces with a knife and shears. The bonsai tree is extremely durable and can be several hundred years old and quickly became a symbol of Asian culture. Bonsai garden designs are especially popular for small outdoor gardens or as miniature indoor gardens and are a beautiful oasis of peace and tranquility. The minimalism in bonsai gardens is a characteristic feature. Other elements like rocks and stones are also present in the landscape design.

 How to create a bonsai garden

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A bonsai garden is a miniature representation of nature as a whole and links to the philosophical components of Zen. The design of such a space in a garden will always be synonymous with peace and tranquility. Here are some ideas how to design a bonsai garden at home. Light is very important to bonsai trees. Make sure your trees get sufficient light. Watering is an important and delicate stage in the development of bonsai. It must be done very carefully so that the substrate would not rot from constant moisture. Repotting the trees has to be done every two or three years. The time of repotting would vary for the different species but is usually between March and May. The height and size of the bonsai is as demanding as the rest of the maintenance. Like the cutting of roots the process of shaping can be performed during repotting. The maintenance of bonsai trees includes limiting the number of branches so that the sun penetrates better.

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When you want to plant a bonsai tree you have to consider what the suitable species are which will feel good in the climate conditions of your area. Mountain pine is a very good choice as it is small in size. Unusual and original shapes can be given to Norway spruce, Tue, juniper and cypress. Apple, plum and cherry are commonly used fruit trees and with proper pruning they will continue to bloom and give you pleasure. Besides fruit trees, you can choose almost any deciduous tree, for example, chestnut, linden, oak, willow, birch.


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