A fantastic secret garden design by Paola Navone and Zaha Hadid

Paola Navone secret garden blue orb in garden chandelier display

Have you ever dreamt to live in a fairy-tale? Have you ever wanted to experience the adventures of Alice in Wonderland? Two designers combined their artistic visions and created an amazing project named “The Secret Garden” which can make you feel like a hero from a movie. The secret garden project is situated in Orto Botanico (Botanical Garden) in Brera in the heart of Milan and … is a secret!

 A secret garden design in the heart of a big city

Paola Navone secret garden art installation night illumination

The fascinating secret garden design is surrounded by inhabitant areas and the Brera Accademia Art Museum. It is the place where Paola Navone and Zaha Hadid have presented their projects for Barovier&Toso and Citco respectively, during the Salone del Mobile. Each of the designers was invited to create and present an installation which will introduce both companies’ products to the public. Barovier&Toso are specializing in blown glass chandeliers while Citco deals with inlaid marble for surfaces, walls and floors. The two separate installations are united by the same “Secret garden” project.

Secret garden design introduced by two art installations

Secret garden art project Milan installation Zaha Hadid Paola Navone

Paola Navone created a spectacular and artistic installation with three indigo blue obrs. The orbs look like huts woven from branches. They are constructed from 10 000 fragments and each one hides the stunningly beautiful chandeliers of Barovier & Toso. The exquisite glass chandeliers can be seen through small holes in the walls of the blue huts and their full beauty is revealed when the visitors enters the orb. The installation of Zaha Hadid is contrasting to Paola Navone’s with its modernist vision. It re-creates the designs of Nature and presents the various colors and shades of marble which is the main field of Citco. The lights at night time accent or change the color of the marble and enhance the reliefs of the stone. The whole “Secret garden” project celebrates the talent of two great designers in cooperation with two industry leading manufacturers.

 secret garden design modern art installation Paola Navone

Inside the orbs there is a display of chandeliers

Paola Navone Zaha Hadid art project chandelier Barovier and Toso display

 Small peek holes on the surface

paola navone garden project indigo blue huts

A group of three orbs forms the installation

garden design secret garden project Milan Zaha Hadid Paola Navone woven huts

The display of Barovier&Toso chandeliers

landscape design ideas art Garden Milan Italy Zaha Hadid Paola Navone

 A secret garden inside the Botanical garden

creative art installations secret garden paola navone

Crystal chandeliers by Barovier&Toso

chandelier Barovier and Toso Paola Navone Secret garden project Milan Italy

Zaha Hadid’s installation

Zaha Hadid Paola Navone secret garden design art project

The Secret Garden Zaha Hadid Paola Navone Citco marble Barovier Toso chandeliers

Zaha Hadid secret garden design for Citco marble

Zaha Hadid secret garden design for Citco marble wall light

Zaha Hadid secret garden design for Citco Milan Italy

Secret garden Milan Italy Zaha Hadid Paola Navone art project design Citco marble

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