Small vegetable garden ideas – how to plan and design them?

small vegetable garden ideas raised beds grass paths

Growing your own vegetables can be a rewarding and delicious hobby. If you carefully design your vegetable garden you shall be rewarded with fresh and healthy vegetables. Many people do not have the luxury to own enough land for a big garden and that is why we shall give you some creative small vegetable garden ideas which will help you in planning and designing your small space for optimum results.

 Small vegetable garden ideas – how to arrange garden beds

small vegetable garden ideas patio design how to choose vegetable plants

If you are limited in space, the idea of creating a garden seems impossible. Well, if you get creative and check these small vegetable garden ideas, you will find out that nothing is impossible and with some creativity you will be able to create a fantastic vegetable garden.

outdoor gardening ideas small vegetable garden design raised beds lawn

When you want to arrange a new garden, but do not know what to choose, look for suitable options and ideas for the layout of garden beds – their size, location, design, etc. The images below will give you different ideas what the plant beds could look like – raised, in the form of slides, spiral-shaped, vertical, round and so on. Think of the curbs of the beds which are very practical but add to the visual appeal of the garden as well. In addition, they will reduce weed spreading and soil erosion. The first advice from experienced gardeners is to reduce the width of the beds and arrange them along the edge of the plot. In this way you will be able to move between the vegetable beds and still plant many species. Mobile beds would be an excellent idea as they will reduce the space between rows and will allow you to move them in order to take advantage of natural sun light.

Small vegetable garden ideas – plant vertical gardens

vertical vegetable garden home gardening small garden ideas

Arrange vegetable beds vertically. This is an effective method to use the space creatively. Use the garden fence to fit boxes, pots or crates. Use the corners to arrange raised beds as well as other original small vegetable garden ideas which will give you the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors. An excellent idea is to combine the vegetable garden and the recreation area.

small vegetable garden ideas round vegetable beds

Neat vegetable beds are quite aesthetically pleasing to look at near pergolas, pool or pond, around the summer kitchen or dining room.

A lovely small vegetable garden as a patio decoration

beautiful small vegetable garden ideas white garden fence gravel path

 Vegetable garden in plant containers

vegetable garden small patio ideas containers

Raised beds in a small vegetable garden

vegetable garden plans small patio design decorating ideas

Creative idea for a small vegetable garden in the backyard

vegetable garden ideas small garden ideas wooden beds raised

 You can craft the raised beds by yourself

vegetable garden ideas small backyard design wooden raised beds patio decorating

Vertical gardening saves spaces

small vertical vegetable garden lettuce herbs

small vegetable garden plans backyard garden home gardening

vegetable garden ideas small garden design gravel

small vegetable garden ideas plant containers garden fence

small vegetable garden ideas plant container patio decoration tips

small vegetable garden ideas creative vertical garden design

small garden ideas vegetable garden raised beds stone path

patio design small vegetable garden wooden raised beds

how to plan small vegetable gardens tips and ideas

creative small vegetable garden ideas raised-beds patio design ideas



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