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Refreshing Italian furniture design by Cyrus


We present to you Cyrus – a stylish Italian company producing furniture with clean contemporary and classical design with a refreshing sense. They started their work in the seventies with the desire to create symbolic furniture designs inspired by the love and passion for their work. They treat each of their products as a piece of art and that is the main key that lies within their philosophy of creating classy Italian furniture design.

Cyrus creates furniture for the entire home focusing on the modern customers’ preferences of comfort and simplicity. Their collections include a huge variety of products for the living and dining areas as well as for the bedroom. The company’s classy Italian furniture design is for those who look for peace and quiet in their homes and for those who would like to add some elegance infused with a light feeling of freshness.

table decoration - Italian luxury design

Cyrus keeps their Italian furniture design clean and simple. They make mostly contemporary furniture without ornamentation but also use some classical styles that they create with exquisite detail. This proves the company’s ability to be creative and to satisfy various customers’ tastes. Overall their art represents a celebration of the form and the minimalist feel of the design. The prevailing white color in the modest color palette is very specific and plays an important part of the whole perception of the company’s work. It builds up a most clean and refreshing image of the furniture, one that implies purity, quiet and complete relaxation. Apart from the shape and color minimalism comfort is another essential part of the complete Italian furniture design that Cyrus has to offer. Their collections are designed to make the home a brighter, better place that offers a most enjoyable cozy feeling.

By K.H.Hristova





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