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African artifacts inspired Picasso and Matisse to produce works that changed the direction of Modern Art for ever. Both artists saw an honest and direct form of expression in tribal art works. They were moved by the simple but powerful colours and shapes used in their creation. Contemporary designer Patrizia Morosa still appreciates and promotes Africa as a continuing and powerful inspirational source for artists. She commissioned this particular range, called M’Afrique, which showcases the skill and creativity of current African artists and craftspeople.

Madame Dakar chair


Let furniture like this vibrant and colorful range, excite you in the same way. This collection of timeless furnishings is bright but not naive. Sophisticated combinations of pattern and colour are woven together to create a rich exotic appearance. Made using traditional fabrics and techniques, each piece is crafted into simple but fascinating forms.

This type of interior is not typical of western Modernism but offers an alternative softer approach to contemporary styling. If this appeals to you then explore the possibilities further. Maybe, introduce the concept of themed rooms into your home, where each area reflects the style of another culture. Or mix objects from different regions for the increasingly popular ‘eclectic’ look.

M’Afrique collection chair


Since mid way through the last century, global travel and communications have opened up our opportunities to explore the world, whether in person or through the media. It has become more natural to seek ideas from all regions of our planet, rather than to confine our design boundaries to local influences or what is commonplace. It can take a little courage to break away from what is safe and conservative, but do you really want to be like everyone else? Ask yourself, do you want a conventional home that is based purely on your own society?

M’Afrique collection furnitures


If not, then there is a whole world of design opportunities out there for you to explore and borrow. Whether you enjoy the vibrancy of Africa, or the tranquility of Japanese imagery or the spirituality of Indian design, why not introduce a sense of the exotic into your life by exploring what alternative cultures have to offer.

Text by Jaz

M’Afrique chair


M’Afrique furnitures design


M’Afrique furnitures design

Colorful chairs design



M’Afrique chairs by Moroso


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