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Classy living room furniture by Mantellassi

Mantellassi is a renowned Italian company that specializes in living room furniture upholstery

Classy living room furniture by Mantellassi

Mantellassi is a renowned Italian company that specializes in living room furniture upholstery. Established in the distant 1926 by talented upholsterer Macario Mantellassi and his son named Remo the industry has been handled for four generations of skillful designers. The company’s main objective is to provide refined furniture by following a simple philosophy: they pay attention to every detail of the creation process and use only high quality materials that provide the furniture will last.

Sofa living room furniture by Mantellassi

After nearly 90 years of success Mantellassi continues to maintain its philosophy and keep the upholstery traditions alive. Quality is the most important component in the creation of their exclusive living room furniture,which is why the designers choose fine and long lasting materials. For the structure of their furniture they use solid wood and for the suspensions – Greek spring or elastic webbing supports depending on the model. The upholstery itself is made from polyurethanes and leather or fabrics. What’s interesting is that the leather they use has not been altered and is preserved in its natural state; every single imperfection on the material is turned into an effect when covering the living room furniture structure. This brings the raw presence of nature into a production that is skillfully designed and put together by professionals. The fabrics they use are also of very high quality and the level of detail on them is what makes the furniture really remarkable.

Coffee Table living room furniture by Mantellassi

For Mantellassi the process of upholstering is not simply a task but a whole journey in which they discover the shape and character of the furniture. The master craftsmanship of the designers is based on ancient tradition which they have kept alive for so many years so they can continue making unique living room furniture pieces in modern times.

By K.H.Hristova

Sofa furniture by Mantellassi

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