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Circle bed designs


White circle bed

Beds, first of all, should be comfortable and convenient enough. Providing you sweet dreams and so wished relaxation after bad and nervous work day is theirs main function. Positive feelings and personal harmony can be achieved in an easier way by one really cozy bed than by three psychologist sessions. Do not risk with risky doctors who pretend that can ensure you happiness and calmness – ensure these things by your own – by buying the best bed where you can sleep well, perfectly relax and dream best things you will achieve one day.

Contemporary circle bed


Contemporary circle bed design

Check what we offer to you – three great models of contemporary beds. They are both – vanguard and cozy. You can see in the pictures variety in materials and colors but you can also see something that makes them almost the same.

Wooden circle bed


Modern wooden circle bed

Specialists suggest wooden beds mainly, saying they do not cause spinal disturbances and even correct them if you have them already. Bed-springs are old fashion – and chiefly they are really bad indicators for a good sleep or rest. Brown, white and black beds are old fashioned, too. Try with something more extravagant like green shade or red damask with orange motives. Bright colors bring joy and positivism into your life and into your night dreams as well. Curtains for beds made of pelerine add some really romantic feeling and brings the idea for the privacy in your own room, in your own bedroom.

Circle bed in the interior


Unusual design circle bed

What makes these three bed designs almost the same is their unusual shape. Circle furniture has come into the interior design recently and we can be only happy about it. Angular pieces of furniture make the room look smaller and plainer. Circle shapes are always more pleasant and snug. Beds in circle shapes can be put anywhere in the room with no concern about their corners.

Egg-shaped bed


Elegant design egg-shaped bed

An eccentric idea for a bed is an egg-shaped bed, too. It symbolizes the new beginning and every brand new day is actually a new beginning, too. Unusual design assumes classic sleeping sets – cotton or linen sheets and pillow filled with goose-down.

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