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White contemporary glass dining table by Molteni – Arc


What kind of dining table can easily satisfy your appetite for style? A wooden one, or maybe a metal one? The material is what plays a significant role in every piece of furniture. Each material gives a different effect so it’s always nice to compare their characteristics. A glass dining table for example has the ability to introduce a supple and sensual sense of style in our dining room. Somehow glass is associated with purity and innocence. It is easily breakable and actually – fragile. But this is the advantage of this smooth and see-through material. Nothing restrains our eyes and we feel more comfy as wee see it. Actually we feel as we can see through things which, in fact, is a tempting illusion.

Contemporary glass dining table design by Molteni


Then what about a glass table that is inspired by contemporary architecture and art, which is both stylish and elegant? Here is a great glass dining table coming from the Italian furniture company Molteni, ladies and gentlemen: the Arc dining table. This dining table is designed by Foster + Partners and its sculptural base is made of a mixture of cement and organic fiber. The elegant piece of furniture is available in white or grey color. The Arc dining table is actually a piece of art in itself with its round or oval-shaped tabletop of tempered glass that gives a clear view of the stand-out base The tabletop dimensions are 130, 140 or 150 cm in diameter (round), or 200 by 130 cm (oval), in extra-light finish. If you want you can pair this dining table with some modern chairs, or an extra-large chandelier for an additional impact. This round table is a perfect way to highlight your living space making it much more bright and spacious.

 Glass dining table by Molteni


Contemporary white dining table by Molteni


White Arc dining table


 Wooden sideboard by Molteni


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