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Solid wood and steel – a modern dining table design by Cattelan Italia

modern dining table design by Cattelan Italia

The table is the central element of any dining room and sometimes it sets the entire interior design. The perfect dining table not only blends with the rest of the furniture but also highlights the character, individuality and taste of the home owner. Wood and metal create a magnificent texture contrast and a table crafted from these materials perfectly fits into a modern style interior and harmoniously works with a large number of contemporary furniture pieces. Spyder is a modern dining table design created by Philip Jackson for the Italian manufacturer Cattelan Italia and presents an exciting combination between steel and solid wood. The designer was inspired by the shape of a spider when designing this table and named it so.

The main features of this modern dining table design

modern dining table design Cattelan Italia solid wood top

The Spyder dining table has a very interesting sculptural shape with steel base supporting system. The base is the main accent of the design and it can be produced of stainless steel – matted white or graphite varnished steel. The top is offered in Canaletto walnut and in a darker wood shade which is called burned oak. The table top is produced from solid wood and has irregular edges. At first they give a captivating rustic look but then you see the cool steel base. The overall impression is for a modern dining table design which combines the warmth of solid wood and the cold of the steel base construction.

The sculpturous modern dining table design by Cattelan Italia

modern dining table design by Cattelan Italia aesthetic sculptural table

The Spyder table is produced in three different sizes – 100 x 200 cm and the 120 x 240 cm, suitable for more standard rooms. The 120 x 300 cm size gives a feeling of an exceptionally long table which is due to the long top and its look of a freshly cut wood. Despite the fact that this table top is quite thick, it loses its thickness against the length and the table has a light smooth look. The chairs will add the final look to the Spyder table. The whole ensemble will look magnificently in any dining room.

 dining table by Cattelan Italia contemporary look in classic room

The contemporary design of the spyder table

solid wood dining table by Cattelan Italia contemporary look

The long solid wood top looks sleek and smooth

spider dining table stainless steel base

The Spyder dining table creates a modern atmosphere in every dining room

Spider dining table by Cattelan Italia modern look

Irregular solid wood edges design

spider dining table irregular solid wood edges Cattelan Italia

 Spyder dining table gives a rustic vision first impression

spider dining table natural solid wood edges by Cattelan Italia

 The spyder inspired base of the table

spider dining table sculpture shaped irregular edges

 Spyder dining table with a dark base

spider dining table by Cattelan Italia dark base

Spyder dining table with a white base

spider dining table by Cattelan Italia light base

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