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Modern design armchair by Jurgen Laub and Markus Jehs



The modern design armchair with footstool – Shrimp by Cor is one of the best armchairs created by the German designers Jurgen Laub and Markus Jehs. It is absolutely astonishing. The design is simple and yet very stylish and classy without any unnecessary fuss. This chair is perfect for your office, your living room even for your bedroom. You can spend hours sitting in it watching television, reading good books even take your afternoon naps in it. Don’t worry; this armchair is not like the others. You can sleep in it all you want; it is absolutely guaranteed that you won’t feel any joint stiffness after that. The Shrimp chair by Cor can be made of quality leather or fabric upholstery depending on your choice.

Modern design armchair


Just like a couple of the Cor sofas, this modern design armchair with footstool – Shrimp is available in several colors. Pick the color of the leather or the fabric to suit your style. You can also pick the type and color of the wood finish, which is on the outside part of the armchair. The wooden surface adds a nice glamorous look to the armchair, making it a fantastic furniture piece to look at. The footstool with a little twist action is a nice finish touch to the chair that will contribute a lot to your comfort and let you go into a nice relaxing state.

Modern design armchair in black leather


The wooden frame is twisted a little bit allowing the pillow to give a nice hugging effect once you sit in it. This furniture piece will give you everything you’ve been missing in your home. It makes the atmosphere more inviting and adds a nice touch to any type of interior. It also gives a special type of comfort that only Cor can create.

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