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Luxury children furniture by Savio Firmino


Bedrooms design and children furniture design can be truly mesmerizing. It is that part of the house which could be turned into a fairytale, giving the kids the special atmosphere they need. It will be their own world made of “fairytale furniture” inspiring both for the kids and their parents. If it is time to think about the look of your little prince or princess’s bedroom then you may be interested to have a look at the dreamy children bedroom collection by the Italian company Savio Firmino. They designed this great bedroom collection with elegant lines and cool details such as scrollwork and carvings. Your kid will fall in love with this innovative design.

Classic bedroom children furniture by Savio Firmino


The line also includes baby cradles and big-kid beds, wardrobes, changing tables, bedside tables, rocking chairs and more fairytale children furniture. Besides all the attention to detail, this is actually made of quality wood and done in a distressed, antique finish that is eco-friendly and safe for the children. There is nothing better for the kid than playful and safe surroundings. You will be surprised how good this marvelous design can be for your kid.

Classic children furniture design


The Italian company surely knows well how to do it the right way. Another advantage of this children luxury bedrooms is that it will meet their changing needs up until the age of 12. There is a piece that converts from cradle to bed which is a great thing that will be loved from generation to generation. You will be ready when your children suddenly grow up one day. It will take longer time, of course, but in your eyes it will happen in a sudden. Ensure your kids sweet dreams and happy hours in this eco-friendly environment.


Luxury children furniture by Savio Firmino


 Furniture by Savio Firmino


Children’s furniture by Savio Firmino


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