Italian sofa producer – Flexform


It is very well-known fact that the Italian designers and architects are some of the top in the world. With the beginning of the innovative and extraordinarily vivid time of new traditions in the design sector, the italian sofa producer Flexform entered the world of design with a new collection in 1970. The items of the collection were created by some of the top names of great designers today such as Rodolfo Bonetto, Joe Colombo, Sergio Asti, and Cini Boeri.

Italian sofa producer – recognizable style


Ever since then the big Flexform-family hasn’t seized to expand and attract more and more talented designers from all over the world. With their incredible talent and innovative ideas, they have created a unique Flexform style, which is not only a trademark today it is also a vision. The style of the italian sofa producer is refered to as “Hallmark”. And really there is definitely a hallmark look to all of company’s items.  From the arm chairs to the large sofas, everything is designed with unique fishes, gorgeous fabrics and new design solutions that not only make the items comfortable but also look very chic and cozy.

Italian sofa producer with a modern concept for the living room


Antonio Citterio is one of the talented designers whose collections have led the italian sofa producer beyond imaginable limits of interior possibilities. He creates warm, comfortable islands of pleasure and that comfort is consisted within the different-size modular elements and breaking the traditions radically into creating a new concept of the interior space for socializing and inhabiting.

Italian furniture – for a comfortable evening with the family


Today, Flexform has many famous collections – Groundpiece, Resort, Status all of them have been in showrooms all over the world. Some of the collections are perfect representation of Italian beauty and rationalism of space. Choosing or furniture is not only our desire for comfort it is a lot like expressing ourselves. It is the same as choosing our clothes and accessories. Our home can tell a lot about us, that’s why choosing Flexform is the best way we can express our own emotions, style and understanding of the world.

 The Groundpiece table by Antonio Citterio


Elegant sofabed with coffee table


Practical living room furniture


Black armpit chair with modern design


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