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Home furniture by Altamoda Italia


Fashionable home furniture has never been so appealing. It is one of those things that make our home a special place especially if we like eclectic design inspired by multitude of world styles but made in a supple and stylish way. That is exactly what furniture brand Altamoda Italy made with its Cult and Fusion collection. It is a true inspiration for world travellers as it brings a cosmopolitan spirit that is what we all seek. If you like combinations that create a cosmopolitan atmosphere then you have a chance to fall in love with these two collections. Check them out as they are a rare masterpiece combination.

Home furniture by Altamoda


These two extremely fashionable home furniture collections not only combine cool fabrics and materials, but create an eclectic and still minimalist one of a kind atmosphere in our home. They have contemporary finishes and whimsical silhouettes whose idea is to blur the boundary between art and function and we believe they have succeeded. The designers take those same elements that make for the most exciting runway shows but translate them into modern furnishings creating cosmopolitan collections for the world traveller with cultivated taste.

Home furniture design – White foyer


The two collections are both attractive and stylish. The Cult collection is characterized by its palette of black and ivory as well as with its glamor and post-modern aesthetics. The Fusion collection has a sophisticated palette of white, beige and dove-black, but taking these colors with one level up they make a new minimalist look and the result is quite impressive. What happens in the end is eclectic designs that all work together, as each one of them brings something different to the cohesive collection. For more information about these great furniture collections just visit Altamoda Italy. Check out the cosmopolitan look and find out why these unique collection brings the world design spirit to the top!


The Fusion Chairs


Contemporary home furniture from Altamoda


Fusion Collection – Living room furniture


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