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Innovative and Futuristic Design office furniture Raptor RT01

Raptor RT01  by Aleksander & Sotyrys Pantopulos

No one can pass by the table without taking a glance at it. Its form suprises, intrigues and makes us watch it on either side, as Raptor was designed to be unique. Designed by award winning designers – Aleksander & Sotyrys Pantopulos, who created the perfect blend of the latest technical achievements and beautiful form.

Contemporary art futuristic office furniture

Futuristic Design office furniture modern-design-desk

Raptor goes beyond the trends and becomes the table of future by combining unique design and professional workmanship. Raptor is the table for demanding customers who value their independence, professionalism and quality, but also creativity, dynamism and confidence.

It is the perfect choice for the modern office, but also a stylish home, as its harmonious and charming design create a unique atmosphere.

A very important advantage of this table is the possibility to create its look with convertible body and table top. Raptor is the table which gives us complete independence. It is we who decide whether its body will be shiny or matte, white, gray or black. Moreover, we are also able to decide about the appearance of the desktop. Raptor can become an expression of our personality. A wide selection of natural materials gives us the space for our own creativity.

The table is offered in different configurations, colours and high-quality polished or chrome materials. We are sure that Raptor will satisfy everyone’s need to mingle with the ultra modern and elegant objects.


 Innovative and Futuristic office furniture design

Futuristic Design office furniture raptor-desk-innovative-design

Futuristic Design office furniture raptor-furniture-desk

Futuristic Design office furniture

Futuristic Design office furniture black-raptor-desk


Mariusz Swatowski
Raptor GmbH
Max-Planck-Straße 22
50858 Köln
NRW Deutschland

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