Bedroom furniture design – Wrapping bed by Lago


Beds are really important in our life? Tell me about it! It’s hard to ignore that the bed plays a significant role in our life. This is where we actually spend half of our life. Then why not sleep it in the most convenient way. A comfortable bed means a good sleep which in fact helps our everyday activities. It’s hard to work if you don’t sleep well. That’s a fact. Contemporary bedroom furniture design helps a lot in this direction. It also adds an aesthetic touch to our personal area. Apart from that you may be surprised to know that nowadays there are beds which are not always static but changing their form. Well that is an innovative design, isn’t it? How come beds started to be so flexible. Well, ask the designers! We are thankful to them anyway as they bring new cool look to our home.

Bedroom furniture design


Let dreams come true with the new really cool bed made by the Italian company Lago. Besides its crazy design you can really indulge yourself in cozy comfort with the new Col Letto bed. This innovative bedroom furniture design is created by Nusa Jelenec and it features a flexible visual and sound barriers that border the bed and can be conveniently flipped up, pushed and pulled and even flipped down for a completely different look. It is a true innovation, as beds changing their shape are not really common. It is not only that you will be able to change its shape according to your personal decision, but also to play with your décor which is always good as it brings freshness to the whole area. You can choose from a variety of vibrant colors in order to complement this fun and enthusiastic concept. If you want to check out more visit Lago website.

Modern bedroom furniture design by Lago


Wrapping bed by Lago


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