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Armchair with futuristic design Esfera by Etel


Great futuristic design comes in different and unexpected ways. Sitting for example has never been so irresistible. Chairs are not what they used to be, their form and design changes for good. They become an artistic expression of modern lifestyle, but also functional and more cozy. Eye-catching is one of the main characteristic you should look for, but it’s not easy to create something both good-looking and practical. If you want your home or business to have a contemporary look then don’t spend money on something already seen. Nobody wants to see retro pieces of furniture. If you have retro chairs then something in your whole attitude towards design have stuck somehow on the way. Don’t expected to get a few more credits for that.

Futuristic design armchair by Etel


It is not only a way to comfort the body and relax, but also a way to show your aesthetic taste. Especially if you look at the new armchairs by Brazil-based company Etel. They resemble an egg, open to reveal its supple center with a shell of true leather. They boast an exceptional futuristic design which features a semi-spherical dome with two cozy cushions to support your body curves. Besides, its look will satisfy completely your visual senses and will attract the attention of your guests or clients. Small items of interior that show refined taste make life more beautiful, but also more comfortable. It your contemporary lounge chair is easy on the eyes and at the same time cozy, then you surely have designer’s eyes.

Futuristic design armchair Esfera by Etel


The actual design of the armchairs is made by Ricardo Fasanello and impresses with a range of rich colors like cognac, eggplant and a café-au-lait tone making it a delicious example of functional and stylish décor. Their unusual look will surely complement your modern interior. They will be a true hot-seat in your home or office.



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