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Unique Italian furniture by Angelo Cappellini


Unique Italian furniture is usually that element at home that makes it look more authentic, elegant, and refined. Naturally, the real products from Italy are too expensive, but the investment we make, when we buy these pieces of masterpieces is worth it. We are glad to present and amazing and an exclusive collection of Italian furniture that is designed by the legends from the Angelo Cappellini Company.

Angelo Cappellini – the name of the royal Italian furniture


When we hear of the Angelo Cappellini Company, we usually think of a refined limited edition collection of Italian furniture that is too expensive for the average person. Though, this should not be the first association, when we speak of the Angelo Cappellini Company, because, actually, this is the second name of the royal Italian furniture and the price for a piece of an art usually does not matter. As a matter of fact, the exclusive and unique Italian furniture by Angelo Cappellini must be priceless, but not expensive.

Angelo Cappellini – products


Welcome to the wonderful and extremely magnificent world of the Angelo Cappellini Catalogue – full of stunning products and amazing Italian furniture with unique style and classy look. Whatever you buy or just choose as a sample to your future furniture that is going to be made on an order, you will not be mistaken. Even a simple chair made by the Angelo Cappellini crew is a true masterpiece and it brings the royal into your decent and traditional average home. Try to afford these gems and you will feel as a bourgeois personality.

Stunning italian furniture – enter the world of Angelo Cappellini


The unique Italian furniture by Angelo Cappellini brings the retro spirit and eternal trends that have been standing and reaching bigger and bigger success for more than a century. The company is offering a large gallery of furniture for any premise at a residential house or a sumptuous flat. The high quality and the authentic look of the furniture are pointless to be discussed. The retro wooden pieces of furniture are collaborating with silk, ciborium, and lace motives on the decoration and the textiles in the interior design conceptions.

Unique furniture for every room


The Angelo Cappellini Company is providing several collections of unique Italian furniture, which are adjusted to bedrooms, dining rooms, home office premises, kitchens, and lounges. The great and almost legendary seats by the Italian manufacturers are their symbols of century tradition and royal glamour. The enormous sofas and the beds that look as ancient chapels are also artistic, creative, and impressive enough to touch even the coldest heart.

 Angelo Cappellini – unique Italian furniture with stunning accessories


The Angelo Cappellini Company is struggling for a luxury and amazing lifestyle that can be created in any home place with the needed spirit and resources. That is why the designers and managers working for the company are on the opinion that a set of amazing and unique Italian furniture design ideas is not enough for a true residence or a royal-styled house.

The Angelo Cappellini Company is also making and distributing a lot of accessories that could fit to the interior design conception with the furniture of catalogues you have already seen above. The accessories are as luxury and beautiful as the furniture is. You can find pleasant floor covers, stylish carpets, and fascinating curtains.


Elegant sofa design by Angelo Cappellini


White classical kitchen


Luxury living room interior


Crystal chandeliers-bedroom design


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