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Brilliant collections are those collections with high quality furniture, creative interior design conceptions and an air of comfortableness, snug, and beauty. Such collections are rare not because the firms and the manufacturers are few, but because vanguard and originality are difficult to be achieved today. The large abundance of ideas and furniture designs shrink the amount of truly nice and qualitative products. Check out these collections and share with us your opinion as to the attempt of the team behind the Smania furniture Company in creating some real pieces of art.

Smania furniture – products and collections


Smania furniture  is an Italian company that provides the audience a large option for arranging, organizing, furnishing, and decorating a beautiful and contemporary home. The products are characterized with original conception, stunning colorful schemes and innovative techniques. The materials that are used are both – ecological and durable enough to save you time and money for constant repairs and renovations. The brilliant collections are divided into groups as to their specifications and main purposes. Smania offers office interior design ideas, home arrangement conceptions, and outdoor architecture plans.

Choose your brilliant collection and your favorite furniture by Smania


Smania furniture accepts the challenge to produce and distribute all kinds of interesting and classical furniture ideas together with a particular conception for a home, office or an outdoor design. The products by the Italian company are simply the best choice you can make, because they are innovative, modern, and elegant enough to satisfy your desire of having an amazing environment for living or working. The brilliant collections of home furniture are full of gorgeous accessories and striking products – seats (chairs, armchairs, sofas, bar chairs), beds, tables (dining tables, office tables, desks, plots), bookcases, cabinets, lamp, mirrors and many others. Most of them are designed to be easily combined with the other products, so the client could be facilitate in the choice and the arrangement.

Brilliant office collections by  Smania furniture


The brilliant office collections by  Smania furniture   are devoted to the new model of a lifestyle that any workaholic keeps today. The comfortableness is working together with the refined taste and the elegant sleek lines in any product and in any detail of an office interior design idea. The wooden desks and conference tables are impressing with compactness and finesse. The chairs are produced by the latest trends in the sphere in order to give the office workers a cozy and stable atmosphere and environment to stay and work in.

Outdoor ideas by Smania furniture


The outdoor ideas by y  Smania furniture are also eccentric and intriguing. The Italian company has just released its latest summer collection, where all kinds of garden and patio furniture ideas are offered for the people, who love outdoor activates and open air parties next to the home place. Some of the outdoor products by Smania are designed for big residences in Colonial and Victorian style. They are truly suitable for public amenities such as sumptuous restaurants, art cafes, and super cool hotels of four and five stars.

Smania sells heaven in pieces


The latest reviews and critics about the work of brilliant office collections by  Smania furniture – the brilliant collections of interior and exterior design ideas and particular furniture models – depict the company as the manufacturer, who sells heaven in pieces. The gorgeous pieces of furniture are refined, beautiful, and impressive for three main reasons. First of all, they are all made by specific new techniques and trends, which provide longer durability and more stability at home. Second of all, the Smania Company is opened for all kinds of orders and preferences.

Classical elegance with modern twist


The Italian furniture distributor can furnish any room of your home and any public place – a working environment and an entertainment place. Last, but not least, the elegance is the standard for the Smania Company. No rough or crude can be found among the products by Smania.The world of Smania furniture and design is a tribute to the royal and residential styles such as Colonial, Victorian, Gothic, Greek and even the classical Renaissance. Though, several collections with the Smania trademark are marked with the minimalist and high-tech traditional signs and elements. Anything you are searching for your home or office place is here, in the catalogue of the Smania Group.


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