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The modern furniture by VG NewTrend – a harmony of contrasts

luxury-glamorous-furniture-VG Newtrend

The modern furniture by VG Home, a brand of VG NewTrend, is like a dream reality… The only difference is that this reality is really real. This extraordinary Italian company has proven to be one of the best design firms in the world, offering nothing but the best in terms of modern furniture and interior design in general. Every piece is simply a work of art. Designing our world with passion is ability only the great have. And the Italian designers have proven to be the top quality designers in the world… Sometimes a degree in architecture and design isn’t enough. A real designer needs to have a lot of experience, a creative perspective and of course, most importantly a real talent. The designers from VG Home have it all. Their projects have become a world-wide synonym for excellence.

The modern furniture by VG NewTrend – romantic and glamourous

luxury-furniture-VG Newtrend-large-white-mirror

Designing the world of interior with passion and creativity is VG Home’s specialty. Every décor is carefully created to meet the purposes and needs and also respond perfectly to the taste of the client.

The modern furniture by VG NewTrend – truly exquisite

luxury-modern-furniture-VG Newtrend-dining-table

The usage of materials is not spontaneous and chaotic, as we have seen from many other design companies. VG Home has done years of continuous research and have carefully chosen the materials for each and every furniture piece and décor. These unique solutions and wonderful design ideas are surely not something that happens overnight, however experimenting is not excluded. There are many successful experimentation projects that are truly exquisite.  The research and the experience are what make the designs so exceptional and irresistible. It is definitely something This Company is a true inspiration and is absolutely a great example of the famous saying “Practice makes perfect”. Today, modern furniture by VG Home is what everyone dreams of. It is the reality that we all want at home. It is something we would like to live in and cherish, because we know that even looking at it makes us feel very special.

luxury-furniture-VG Newtrend-white-sofa

luxury-furniture-VG Newtrend-white-velvet-armchair

luxury-modern-furniture-VG Newtrend-flower-box

  luxury-furniture-VG Newtrend-white-coffee-table

luxury-modern-furniture-VG Newtrend-coffee-table

luxury-furniture-VG Home-chairs

modern-furniture-VG Newtrend-black-console-table

luxury-modern-furniture-VG Newtrend-black-dining

luxury-modern-furniture-VG Newtrend-dressing-table

luxury-modern-furniture-VG Home-leather-armchair

luxury-modern-furniture-VG Newtrend-black-console-table

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