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Modern design rocking chair with footstool by Koinor


Having a hard time at work? The stress is just overbearing? What you need is a Jetlag – a perfect modern design rocking chair by Koinor. It will take away all of your problems, leaving you in a peaceful, comfortable state, where nothing, but you, matters. This chair is designed for your desires. It is made out of soft quality leather. There is also a great asset to it – a nice leather footstool. The design of the chair is unique and stylish. Upholstered furniture is Koinor’s specialty. The legs of the chair are very discrete and elegant, allowing a soothing rocking motion. That’s because the curves are shaped in a very special way, making the chair hover on the floor like a cloud. The Jetlag leather rocking chair is very stable. It never loses its balance. You can sit comfortably in different positions – upright or flat lying.

White leather modern design rocking chair


The modern design rocking chair includes a footstool designed to give you an additional comfort. If you have been on your feet all day long, and you haven’t had a moment of rest, this footstool will give you everything you have been longing throughout the day. Its softness will instantly relax your feet and give you a warm, nice feeling of physical dissolution. The relentless pain will be gone in a matter of seconds and you will feel as if you are about to enter the world of complete relax

Modern design rocking chair in black


Jetlag leather rocking chair is designed to bring comfort and style to your life. It is offered in white and black leather. It goes perfectly with any type of a modern interior design. This chair is suitable for the living room, bedroom or even the office.  Even though it looks quite large and heavy, it is, actually, very light, so you can rearrange its position at any time.


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