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Carlo Rampazzi and Sergio Villa – Fresh and Modern furniture design

Some of the most vivid examples of modern furniture is the work by Carlo Rampazzi. Every piece designed by this talented designer is an absolute master piece. His collections are a symbol of modernism in the interior sector. Rampazzi’s modern furniture is made of the finest materials and fabrics, and is world-wide renowned for its gorgeousness and innovativeness.

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Carlo Rampazzi is a Swiss architect and designer. He obtained a degree in architecture and interior decoration at Lugano and Paris. Instantly after graduation in 1970s he pursued an international career. By the 90s he had worked with many other talented designers from Italy and France and had created absolutely phenomenal furniture – a combination of neo-maximalist, classic and contemporary design. Everything simply flows perfectly together, without having to make a complex combination between the three different styles. This is one of the most amazing things about Carlo’s designs solutions and ideas.

carlo-rampazzi-fresh-furniture-design modern furniture

Rampazzi’s limited editions are co-signed with the talented artist Sergio Villa, and are personalized under the name NOI Paris. They are regularly exhibited in Milan. The brand offers exceptional furniture pieces and accessories that are made of the finest fabrics. The fascination visitors have with the pieces comes from Carlo’s unique ability to create magnificence without disturbing the natural forms and Sergio’s artistry. They mix the traditional elements with the contemporary look so well that it seems as if everything flows into the same pattern. The unique modern approach is definitely Rampazzi and Sergio’s best skill. They have developed a whole new style, which will probably be soon recognized officially by the world.

Fresh and innovative furniture design

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Of course coziness and functionality are not indifferent to this collection. They create furniture pieces that will not only make the atmosphere in a home more interesting but also give a nice, warm, homely, comfortable feeling of togetherness. Carlo’s and Sergio’s works have a very special way of finding and matching our desires.

Modern furniture design by Nuove Opere Internazionali

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Carlo Rampazzi

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