Extra ordinary interiors with furniture by Carpanelli


Extra ordinary interiors are characterized with original pieces of furniture, vanguard conception of an arrangement and a natural approach into a convenient and cozy lifestyle. If it sounds to you a bit difficult to be achieved, designed and organized, the help you need is hidden in the philosophy of grand companies, mainly Italian, which have been the leaders in home decoration and appearance since the interior and exterior designs turned into art that is also a successful business, as well.

Carpanelli – masters of beautiful and qualitative еxtra ordinary interiors


If you are looking for people, who will co operate you in the creation of еxtra ordinary interiors , Carpanelli is the Italian company that will serve you. Employing dozens of the most talented designers and professional workers with the wooden materials, the company is struggling for perfection at home by presenting products, where innovations, retro spirit, traditionalism and uniqueness are collaborating in the name of dynamism and convenience in the domestic environment. The Carpanelli professionals are the real masters of beautiful and qualitative furniture with a long history and grand presence in the market.

Еxtra ordinary interiors  for the Day Room by Carpanelli


Carpanelli has awesome and great collection of contemporary pieces of furniture, which could be exclusive addition to the extra ordinary interiors both – at home and outside the residential parts in the neighborhood – for instance, a restaurant or an ethno café. The еxtra ordinary interiors collection Day Room by Carpanelli introduces a large amount of elegant sofas, compact writing desks, magnificent tables and cute coffee tables, sympathetic chairs and cozy and soft armchairs, eccentric sideboards, and gorgeous cupboards for any room. The sideboards, on the other hand, come with a stylish appearance and retro accent.

Tables by Carpanelly – irregular shapes and ornaments


The tables by Carpanelli are divided into several groups. The common tables are both – spending and large dining tables and sweet decorative tables. The coffee tables are combining high grade wooden materials with refined glass additions. The popular TL36 model that is constructed in a shape of a guitar is still one of the best products made by the Carpanelli Company. The originality and creativeness of the Italian team, though, can be observed in a better view by viewing the writing desks. The irregular shapes and the amazing hand-made ornaments on the surfaces are really impressive and attractive feautre in these еxtra ordinary interiors .

Seats – dynamic collaboration between Vintage, Minimalism and Victorian style


The seats in the Day Room collection by Carpanelli will make your extra ordinary interiors look totally vanguard and distinctive. Here, we see a dynamic collaboration between Vintage, minimalism, and Victorian style as the most favorite styles of the Carpanelli Company. Beautiful structures and eccentric decoration are interrupting the classical appearance of a room. The sofas are adorned with bright damasks and the armchair designs are combining the royal view with the regular construction of a classical seat at once.

Night Room collection by Carpanelli


The Night Room collection by Carpanelli consists mostly of magnificent beds with beautiful decoration and gorgeous shapes. Extra ordinary interiors of bedrooms could be easily achieved by choosing some of the following models – LE04, LE12 or LE13. The other bed designs are more classical and typical, but the bedside tables they come in a set with bring a charming air into the room. The Chests of Drawers by Carpanelli are typical Colonial-styled pieces of furniture, which influence authenticity and rationalism in the interior.

There are few decoration recommendations for a Night room that Carpanelli is offering to the audience. The stunning mirrors are hand-made in extra ordinary forms and the engraved motives on their frames bring a romantic view the bedroom. The mirrors without frames are more minimalist and contemporary, but they can be also used for the creation of an extra ordinary interior, if you want to achieve a high-tech or a futuristic effect in the premise.


Compact writing desk design



Cupboard wih original design


Elegant dining room by Carpanelli


Romantic purple bedroom


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